Vegan Documentaries You Need to Watch

Vegan Documentaries You Need to Watch

Curious about veganism? Interested in a plant-based diet? Have burning vegan questionsHere's a collection of the best movies to watch. Whether you're interested in veganism for your health, for the animals, or for the earth - there's a movie here for you. Read on and go vegan by watching movies!

stories about veganism

The game changers

The story of James Wilks, winner of The Ultimate Fighter, on his quest for the truth behind the world's most dangerous myth.


what about protein

Breaking down myths about plant-based diet, veganism and high performance sport.


vegan: everyday stories

Exploring the widespread rise of veganism in mainstream culture.



You'll never look at animals the same way again - especially humans.


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The story of 3 people who, for 6 weeks, adopt a vegan diet and a whole new way of thinking about food.


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stories about health

what the health

What health organizations don't want you to see.


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forks over knives

Examines the claim that most degenerative diseases can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.


food choices

Explores how food choices impact our health, the health of our planet, and the lives of other living species.


plantpure nation

Tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time.


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The story of three men’s search for a diet, which is good for our health, good for the environment and good for the future of the planet.


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food matters

Examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health.


food, inc.

Looks at the food industry's harmful effects on human health and the environment.


stories about animals

beyond the lies

Brings the truth about how animals are raised and killed on farms.



Humanity's use of other animals for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and research. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.


 watch earthlings

live and let live

Examining our relationship with animals, the history of veganism, and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan. 


farm to fridge

Narrated by James Cromwell, this film reveals the unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.


the end of meat

Envisioning a future where meat consumption belongs to the past.

meet your meat

Actor and activist Alec Baldwin exposes the truth behind humanity's cruelest invention―the factory farm.



Exploring the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.


more dominion

the ghosts in our machine

Illuminates the lives of individual animals living in the machine of our modern world.


the land of hope and glory

The hidden truth behind UK animal farming.


what cody saw

The story of former MFA investigator Cody Carlson, who went to work at farms across the country in order to find out for himself how animals are treated.


stories about the planet


One industry is destroying the planet more than any other but no one wants to talk about it.


a delicate balance

Explores the effects of animal protein on the human body and the environment.


mission blue

Inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.


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What you should know about fish, the ocean, and more.


watch seaspiracy by the friendly activist

the cove

The story of how an elite team of activists, filmmakers, and divers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate a hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark, deadly secret.


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a fall from freedom

A powerful follow up to The Cove, this Discovery Channel documentary reveals the controversial captive whale business. Starring Mike Farrell and Keiko the Whale.


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The tragic story of killer whale Tilikum.