What I Ate in Edinburgh

What I Ate in Edinburgh

Here are some of my favorite tasty vegan food finds including haggis, nachos, a cheeseburger, and chocolate cake!

the auld hoose

First up: vegan haggis!


Had to be done.


Also came with tatties (potatoes) and neeps (turnips).


It's the quintessential dish of Scotland, and also quite tasty!


And you can buy vegan haggis in a can all over town.

vegan haggis, tatties and neeps the auld hoose edinburgh scotland
haggis, tatties and neeps at the auld hoose

And, you're not going to NOT eat a giant plate of vegan nachos, are you?


I didn't think so. 


This one was full of melty cheese throughout, plus beans, jalapeños, more cheese and guacamole on top.


Huge, filling, delicious. Perfect with beers.

vegan nachos the auld hoose edinburgh scotland
nachos at the auld hoose

Find these fun bar food goodies and lots more at The Auld Hoose at 23 St. Leonard's Street.


Like any proper Scottish pub, they have an impressively large whisky selection, too.


When I discovered that there was a 100% vegan restaurant, I simply had to check it out. 


Henderson's of Edinburgh has several locations all about town but the charming and cozy location on Thistle Street is completely vegan!


And, whenever I see a veganburger, I have to have it.

vegan cheeseburger henderson's edinburgh scotland
cheeseburger at henderson's

This was probably the largest (or tallest) one I've had yet.


But I devoured it into a complete mess. 


I loved the huge side of house-made vegan mayonnaise that it came with.


And the delicious red cabbage coleslaw was perfect.

vegan veggie, bean and cheese crepe henderson's edinburgh scotland
veggie bean crepe at henderson's

They also did a spicy veggie and bean crepe with mozzarella cheese on top, chutney on the side, plus a balsamic vinaigrette salad.


Don't forget the organic beer to wash it all down!

loudon's cafe and bakery

Last but not least, I just happened across this delicious piece of vegan chocolate cake at a local coffee shop called Loudon's Cafe and Bakery at 94 Fountainbridge.

vegan chocolate cake loudon's cafe and bakery edinburgh scotland
dark chocolate cake at loudon's cafe

The light, fluffy, moist, dark chocolate cake was the perfect compliment to the equally delectable soy latte they artfully crafted. 


Yum, Edinburgh, yum!