Best Vegan Holiday Food Products

Best Vegan Holiday Food Products

Don't cook?


You don't have to!


You can purchase all these yummy foods instead and have an easy, worry-free vegan holiday dinner feast!


field roast celebration roasts

Field Roast makes a bunch of holiday roasts, including a Celebration roast, Celebration roast with stuffing and gravy, Classic Meatloaf, Smokey Forager's Roast, a Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute.

field roast celebration roast

tofurky roasts

Tofurky makes a delicious ham roast, turkey roast, roast with gravy and a holiday feast.

tofurky roast

gardein holiday roasts

Gardein's got your holiday covered with their holiday roast, savory stuffed turk'y and turk'y cutlets.

gardein holiday roast

linda mccartney's beef roast

Linda McCartney has an entire vegan line of foods and makes some scrumptious meatballs, country pies, sausage rolls, and beef roast with red wine and shallot glaze.

linda mccartney's beef roast

vegetarian plus whole turkey

The is the closet you'll get to a whole turkey at your holiday dinner! 


They also make a turkey roll with cranberry glaze.

vegetarian plus whole turkey

tj's turkey-less stuffed roast

Trader Joe's has a fantastic stuffed turkey roast - stuffed, it's breaded, it's gravy-licious.

trader joe's turkey-less stuffed roast

loving hut ham log

Everything Loving Hut makes is delicious and this seasoned ham loaf is on point. 

loving hut cheerful ham log

quorn breaded fillets

These tasty, crunchy breadcrumb coated fillets would go great with anything.

quorn fillets


tofurky holiday gravy

Get your hands on this liquid gold to pour on every dish at the holiday table. 

tofurky gravy

hilary's holiday stuffing

This tasty ready-to-bake stuffing is a holiday must-have.

hilary's holiday stuffing

Mrs. Cubbison's Corn Bread Stuffing

Corn bread + stuffing = instant holiday essential. 

mrs. cubbison's corn bread stuffing

edward & sons organic instant mashed potatoes

Get this essential mashed creamy goodness for any holiday feast.

edward & sons mashed potatoes

pillsbury crescent rolls

The classic dinner roll never goes out of style, just like popping open that can.

pillsbury crescent rolls


TJ's spiced ciders

Trader Joe's Spiced Apple Cider, Spiced Cranberry Cider, and Pear Cinnamon Cider are essentials to have throughout the holiday season. 

trader joe's spiced cider

almond dream pumpkin spice almond drink

Pumpkin spice almond milk is the perfect holiday nut milk!

pumpkin spice almond dream

west soy chocolate peppermint stick soymilk

Creamy chocolatey soymilk deliciousness. 

west soy chocolate peppermint stick soy milk

silk holiday nog

Nog, the essential holiday drink! 

silk nog

Baileys Almande

For holiday libations, Baileys Irish Cream almond milk liqueur! 

baileys almande


holiday oreos

Oreos always have festive, limited edition holiday cookies.


Whether it's candy cane, peppermint, peppermint bark, winter red creme, or hot cocoa, snag these fun dunkers while they're around! 

peppermint bark oreos

soyatoo soy whip & rice whip

Soyatoo makes sweet, creamy whipped creams.  

soyatoo soy whip

pumpkin dandies mini marshmallows

A pumpkin flavored marshmallow is as holiday festive as it gets.

dandies marshmallows

daiya pumpkin spice cheezecake

Pumpkin spice cheesecake is as holiday festive as it gets!

daiya pumpkin spice cheezecake

tj's Sweet Potato & Marshmallow Pixie Pie Mix

Trader Joe's amazing seasonal pixie pie mix is the ultimately holiday pie! 

tj's sweet potato & marshmallow pixie pie mix

marie callender's dutch apple pie

This classic dessert, dutch apple pie, is an American classic.

marie callender's dutch apple pie

ben & jerry's non dairy ice cream

Grab any one of these amazing ice cream flavors.


Good for anytime! 

ben & jerry's ice cream