Represent Compassion with Vegan Love Apparel

Represent Compassion with Vegan Love Apparel

Vegans aim to spread awareness to inspire compassion for animals and help reduce their needless suffering.


Because we vegans heart animals and suffering really bums us out.


So what better way than to wear the very message right on your own body?!


You gotta wear clothes anyways (mostly) so why not have those clothes say something.


Fashion plus compassion! 

Recently I got some rad tee shirts from Vegan Love Apparel, a brand I'd been admiring for a while because of their beautiful and inspirational designs and simple yet direct slogans such as:

animals are here with us not for us

animals are friends not food vegan love apparel

animals are friends not food

and there are lots more fun tees:

  • Damn It Feels Good to Be A Vegan
  • Go Vegan and Save Lives
  • You Can't Love Animals and Eat Them Too
  • My Body Will Not Be A Graveyard For Other Creatures
  • Too Cute To Eat Meat
  • You're the Avocado To My Toast
  • Animals Don't Use Cosmetics
  • This Is Just The Veganning 

They have a selection of products with some super chic, fashionable designs to match the clever statements, all on tank tops, t-shirts and even on tote bags. 


As a 100% vegan, cruelty-free and eco-responsible clothing line and company, Vegan Love Apparel carries the ultimate vegan seal of approval from the vegan mothership, PeTA.

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The tees are printed on super soft, super comfy American Apparel combed ring-spun cotton tees, which, if you've ever touched, you know feel like wearing a cloud!


Plus, check out the v-blog for fun, informative reads like Top 10 Vegan Health Benefits.

Vegan Love Apparel

Go to Vegan Love Apparel and get some for yourself. 


Bonus: Spend over $80 and get free shipping!

peta approved vegan