How to Easily Check Visa Requirements

How to Easily Check Visa Requirements

My favorite app for quickly and easily checking current visa requirements anywhere in the world is Passport Index

visa reqUirements on a map

One of my favorite features is the world map that has every country color-coded by visa difficulty.

Green countries are visa-free

Visa-free country map

Blue countries are e-visa or visa on arrival

Evisa or visa ok arrival country map

Orange countries require an eta

ETA country map

Red countries require a visa

Visa country map

Compare passports

You can also compare your passport with other passports to see what advantages or disadvantages each of them have.


This is a handy feature if you’re traveling with friends with different passports because you can easily see where you can both go together (or just give them bragging rights).

Compare passports

Discover passport ranks

You can see the current rankings of all global passports, or you can see ranks by  individual country, or ranks by the welcoming score of a country.

passport ranks

Explore global passports

You can explore passports alphabetically, by region, by type, or by color.

Global passports by category

Create a profile and save trips

Add your passport to see your current stats at a glance and you can also add in all your trips to get a world map of where you’ve been and how many countries you’ve visited.

Passport index profile page