Yummy Yomil Bakery & Burgers in Seoul, Korea

Yummy Yomil Bakery & Burgers

Yummyyomil (야미요밀) is a 100% vegan bakery in Seoul that makes all kinds of delicious sweet and savory baked goods, including homemade mayonnaises and cheese sauces, plus they specialize in a huge selection of vegan burgers! Yummy is right.

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As if breads, pizza, scones, brownies, cakes, and cookies aren’t all insanely amazing, there’s also a giant burger menu of a dozen different burger tastes and styles.

Huge BurgeR menu

Choose one of the many burgers, and get fries plus a coffee or ade for a filling meal.

Yummyyomil burger menu

Cheese burger

Always a classic burger lover, I had to try the vegan cheeseburger and it was spot on for both taste and texture. A very meaty soy patty, covered in homemade vegan cheese, creamy mayonnaise, and fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, sandwiched between two freshly baked burger buns - absolute perfection.


Soy buRger

Also comes in an equally delicious and slightly less messy burger without the cheese sauce, but generous tasty mayo.

Soy Burger
Soy Burger

Spinach cream burgeR

Also a sucker for anything drowning in creamy sauce, the Spinach Cream burger was a nutrient-rich green spinach patty, totally smothered in a tasty thick cream sauce, combining into a divinely luxurious veggie burger. 

Spinach cream burger
Spinach Cream Burger

Go visit

Go visit yummyyomil at 6-5 Yanghwa-ro in the Hongdae area of foodie Seoul. And you’re on the hunt for more vegan baked goodness in Seoul, check out Haemil Bakery.