A Vegan Burger in Iceland

A Veganburger in Iceland

On a recent trip to Reykjavik, I just had to delve into some of the delicious vegan food.


I was happy to find Gló, a local restaurant with a few locations, that offers fresh local food and its at least 50% organic. It was such a welcoming place. Super bright, modern and clean.

They had a huge display of lots of different vegan soup, salads, side salads, and even sprouted raw crackers and a very yummy hummus.


Delicious drinks, too. I had very yummy orange turmeric tonic that was amazing. And to top it all off? They have an assortment of raw vegan desert goodies, like tiramisu, brownies and snickers!

Glo Reyjkavik

And, since I do fancy myself a connoisseur of veganburgers (since I am one)... the main event!


Hamborgarabúllan, a local burger joint, also with multiple locations, is widely know for it's burgers. But how surprised was I to see that the veggieburger was actually a veganburger! And they even verified I was vegan before they made it, making sure to skip the cheese and mayo.


When it arrived, I honestly wasn't sure if it would be good, but one bite in, and I quickly changed my mind - it was delicious! And the decor is fantastic, an old school Americana rockabilly hipster mix complete with vintage Coca-Cola ads.