Vegan Guide to Dublin

Vegan Guide to Dublin

Veggie? Visiting Ireland? Don't worry! You don't have to survive on beer alone! Although, you totally can if you want to. They do encourage that! But, here's some great veg*n food around Dublin, Ireland. 


A famous long-standing vegan and vegetarian staple located in the Temple Bar neighborhood, Cornucopia WholeFoods serves fresh and healthy veg*n meals in a cafeteria-styled setting that is very warm and inviting. Has vegan wine, beer and fresh juices.


Also offers food to go, and occasionally hosts events, talks and has live harp music. A definite must for veg*ns visiting Dublin.

The Happy Pear

A quick train ride just outside of Dublin to Greystones will get you on your way to an amazing dining experience at The Happy Pear. This restaurant focuses on local and organic vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant has a rustic chic charm to it and also has a shop with a plethora of vegan treats, snacks, produce and more.

Take some time to explore this quaint little town on your way. Anywhere's Perfect has a great Irish day trip guide with instructions on how to get there! 


Govinda's is a local predominantly Indian vegetarian restaurant. They usually have several vegan dishes and sides available each day. The food is tasty, the serving sizes are huge, and it's pretty inexpensive as well.


Definitely has a distinct Indian / Hare Krishna decor and music. Has two locations in the city, on Aungier Street and Abbey Street. An easy place to stop in for a quick meal.

Honorable Mentions

Happy Food is vegan and gluten-free. Serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, makes fresh juices and offers take-away. 


Yogis also offers veggie foods, including vegan breakfast goodies, and has two locations in the city.

Blazing Salads is a whole foods deli spot that offers soups and salads, and is popular for take-away meals.


Check out the new Sova Food Vegan Butcher for more tasty and creative veg dishes. 


And lastly, you ARE in Dublin. So drink some beers. You need your B vitamins. Guinness is now vegan!

Dublin, Ireland