50 Most Inspirational BTS Lyric Quotes

Inspirational BTS Music and Lyrics to Make You Feel Better

BTS at the 2018 Melon Music Awards TV10/TenAsia CC BY 3.0

The superstar phenomenon BTS are not only dominating the charts worldwide - they’re also changing the way people enjoy music, and here’s why.


The Korean septet Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), Bulletproof Boys - RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V, Jimin, and Jungkook - have been together nearly a decade, perfecting their talents across a variety of both entertainment and musical genres.

This über hard-working group constantly write, compose, produce, and perform their own music (in Korean, Japanese, and English), along with perfectly synchronized choreography, and nearly endlessly travel for sold-out world tours and musters.


They release solo songs and albums, graphic novels, BTS World and BT21 Universe, and star in countless movies, shows, and docu-series, including behind the scenes Bangtan Bombs, 100+ episodes of the variety show Run BTS!, and 4 seasons of the travel series Bon Voyage - since they entertain people just by being their hilarious selves.


They also regularly interact with fans via textsphotosVLIVE, and YouTube vids of performances, art projects, heartfelt chats, song (#RMUSIC), dance (Hope on the Street), music (Tae Tae FM), radio (Honey FM), food (Eat Jin), film (Golden Closet Film), and celebrate FESTA, their annual anniversary, with 2 weeks of nonstop surprises.

What makes these artists so extraordinary is not just their polished performances, natural comedic talents, or how they’ve toppled Asian stereotypes - it’s that they’re such a positive influence for the world’s most inspired fanbaseARMY, because they speak about mental health, social rights, overcoming challenges, and learning to love yourself.

From the Connect, BTS global project to unite art and music, Love Myself campaign to end violence, Speak Yourself speech to empower youth, Dear Class of 2020 speech to encourage grads, Clean Energy initiative to a sustainable future, to the millions made happier every day - BTS are using their influence to make the world a better place. 


This is a collection of some of their most motivational and uplifting lyrics.

Days when you hate that you’re you, days when you wanna disappear

Let’s make a door in your heart

If you open that door and go inside, this place will be waiting for you

It’s ok to believe, it’ll comfort you, this Magic Shop


Magic Shop

Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream



Go your own way

Even if you live a day

Do something

Put weakness away


No More Dream

In the dark dawn, spreading trembling wings

Keep on shining make it brighter than a spotlight


Dream Glow

The morning will come again

No darkness, no season is eternal


Spring Day

Everywhere I go, everything I do
I will show you, as much as I sharpened my sword
To all the people who looked down on me

Hey shout it out


We are Bulletproof Pt. 2

We must believe only in ourselves


Love Maze 

To lose your path

Is the way to find that path



If you try to damage me with simple words like that

I only become stronger


Cypher Pt. 3: Killer

Even if winter comes again
Even if I’m blocked off, I will still walk
We are we are forever bulletproof


We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

Nothing can devour me

I shout out with ferocity


Black Swan

Don’t ever be scared

Whatever people say, you’re okay


21st Century Girls 

 It's okay to shed the tears

But don't you tear yourself


Moonchild - RM

What am I doin’ with my life

This moment won’t ever come again

I’m asking myself again, am I happy right now?

The answer is already there, I’m happy


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

Can't hold me down 'cuz you know I'm a fighter



It’s okay, come on when I say one, two, three, forget it

Erase all sad memories


2!3! (Hoping for More Good Days)

Run, run, run again

It’s okay to fall

Run, run, run again

It’s okay to get hurt



Even if you’re not perfect, you’re a limited edition


Do You - RM

All the dreamers

Put your hands up

Throw your worries away



You can’t stop me lovin’ myself



Although I’ll fall again

I’ll make a mistake again

And I’ll be covered in mud

I believe in myself because I’m a hero



Forever we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I keep running towards my dream


Epilogue: Young Forever

You never walk alone

Feel me, you're not alone either


A Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone

Dream, you will fully bloom

After all the hardships


So Far Away - Agust D

So what

Don’t stop and worry yourself

It’s good for nothing

Let go


So What

I reject rejection



I want to tell you, that darkness

Exists everywhere, don't be afraid of it

Whatever night may swallow me, I won't give up

The fight for you, we’ll shine


Louder Than Bombs

Follow your dream like breaker 

Even if it breaks down, don’t ever run backwards, never

Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest



Bright lights, going forward

You thought I was gonna fail but I’m fine, sorry


Mic Drop

I believe in myself

My back hurting is for my wings to come out
I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now
The end will be great
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ’em up high
It’s the path you chose, dude don’t be scared
This is just the first flight


Outro: Wings

Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll

If you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all

Never mind


Never Mind 

I'm the one I should love in this world

Shining me, precious soul of mine

I finally realised so I love me

Not so perfect but so beautiful



In a world where you feel cold

You gotta stay gold


 Stay Gold

Just go instead of worrying


 Go Go

I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine

I’ll keep telling myself

Even if I fall down again

I’m fine


I’m Fine

When you close your eyes

In the darkness, my light

Lights the way for you

Let's walk forward without fear, you and I



If you have moments where you feel happiness for a while

It’s alright to stop

Now we don’t run without knowing the destination

It’s alright to not have a dream

All the breaths you breathe are already in paradise



 You are the standard for happiness and you walk that road


P.O.P Piece of Peace Pt. 1 - J-Hope

I’m becoming weird

You can’t go to the peak by being normal, baby


Boyz with Fun

In the dark night, don't be lonely

Like the stars, we shine

Don't disappear, because you're a great existence

Let us shine



Time rushes ever forward
There’s no ifs, buts, or maybes 


Outro: Ego

I love I love I love myself

I know I know I know myself

Ya playa haters you should love yourself


Cypher Pt. 4

But this day will be over

When the minute and second hands overlap

The world holds its breath for a little while


Zero O‘Clock

You want to become everything, a leader for yourself

But you have to believe in yourself, your own leader

Bad thoughts and pessimistic realizations

That’ll seem like it’s right but you’re really erasing your flavor


I Believe - RM

If you can’t fly, then run

Today we will survive

If you can’t run, then walk

Today we will survive

If you can’t walk, then crawl


Not Today

Live however you want, it’s your life anyway



I said it's alright, oh yeah

One day it'll be a good day, for sure

You won't be alone, always

I'll be by your side, we'll be okay

If we're connected, surely it'll be brighter tomorrow


Good Day

There is nothing permanent in the world

Everything is just a happening passing through


People - Agust D

Nothing lasts forever

You only live once

So live your life, not any other’s lives

Take chances and never regret, never

Never be late to do what you wanna do right now

Because at one point of someday

Everything you did

Would be exactly what you will be



Intro: O!RUL8,2?

You’ve shown me I have reasons

I should love myself


Answer: Love Myself