Top Things to Do in Dubai

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is a beloved destination visited by tourists from all over the world.


This city has everything with the title of "the most" - the highest skyscraper, the most fabulous markets and beaches with the most perfect sand.


Dubai is a city that combines everything from classic bazaars to modern technologies, plus crowds of awed tourists.


This is an amazing place where everyone will find something special.


Here are some of the best things that you definitely need to do here!


Drive a luxury car

What distinguishes luxurious Dubai is striking.


Luxurious cars like Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and others flood the streets.

Even the police drive them.


So here’s your chance to drive some bling and live it up!


You can easily rent an expensive sports car for a night out on the town or rent a Toyota with a roomy comfortable interior for the rest of your trip.


Rental companies are all over the place and offer great deals along with reasonable prices for car rentals.

Sports car in dubai

Take a ride on a modern subway without a dRiver

If in some countries they go to the subway to admire the beauty of the stations, then in Dubai the metro is popular due to its trains - because there are no drivers on the Dubai Metro trains! 


Moreover, it is considered the longest automated metro in the entire world.


And, since it’s not underground, and you can be sure to take a seat by the window for a fantastic view.

Dubai metro

Go to the Burj Khalifa’s highest floor

The main attraction of Dubai is undoubtedly the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.


Naturally, the building has its own viewing platforms and a restaurant with a magnificent view.


The most popular observation floor among tourists is located on floors 124-125.


From here you can admire Dubai from a whopping height of 452 meters, but be prepared for lines - this is a super popular tourist spot.

Burj khalifa dubai

Visit the gold maRket

Do you want to delve into the atmosphere of oriental fairy tales?


Then head over to the Deira Gold Souk.


A lot of gold items are sold here, loud conversations of merchants are heard from everywhere, and everything around you looks more like fairy-tale scenery than reality.


If you decide to buy something here, often half the fun is bargaining with the sellers.

Dubai souk

Shop at dubai mall

It seems that Dubai has everything.


Here is the world’s largest shopping center, that can easily be found in the very center of the city - the legendary Dubai Mall.


Don‘t get caught up in visiting all the stores, because there are more than 1000 of them! 

The building is definitely worth a visit - there are so many things to see.

Dubai mall

SUNBATHE on a sandy beach

Another great attraction of Dubai are the local beaches with perfect sand.


Dubai is full of beaches for every taste and budget, so you can always find the right spot to relax.


The most easily accessible and popular beach is Jumeirah Beach.


It is located in the city center, where you can rent umbrellas or sun loungers, go rollerblading or ride bicycles, sit in a cafe or soak up some rays on the beach, gazing at Palm Islands in the distance.

Dubai beach

In just a few short decades, a tiny fishing town on the shores of the Persian Gulf has become an ultra modern tourist destination. 

Today it is one of the most adored places in the world, so be sure to visit Dubai and you won’t regret it!