6 Haunted Places You Can Visit Around Asia

6 Haunted Places You Can Visit Around Asia

Going on a vacation is great to relax.


But, why not try to spice things up?


Instead of going to beaches or snow-covered mountains, why not go somewhere exotic and creepy?


If you're a lover of all things spooky, then dark tourism might be your style. 


When it comes to scary places, Asia has an abundance of countries that can scare every daring explorer who comes.


Before you start packing up, do your travel research first to see what places you can visit.


Many are often off-limits to visitors due to government laws or restrictions.


If you're sure of visiting these places, always heed the advice of your tour guide.


Always be respectful, mind the local culture, and avoid being rude to the locals and the place you're going to visit.


Here are some of the best locations in Asia to visit.

Fengdu Ghost City, China

Gates of Hell at Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City is located near the riverbanks of the Yangtze River in Southwest China.


This city is where tourists can find lots of oddities related to the afterlife.


The place is made up of several old buildings, temples, and shrines.


For first time tourists, try looking at the walls of the temples.


You'll quickly notice that the artworks on the walls are depictions of people being sent to hell.


Most locals often tell of a story in the past where evil spirits possessed two Chinese officials from the Han Dynasty.

Aokigahara Forest, Minamitsuru District, Japan

Aokigahara Forest

Also known as "The Suicide Forest," this vast forest in the Minamitsuru District Japan is well known to both foreigners and locals.


The forest gets its name because of the unusually high number of people who commit suicide in these woods.


Due to the staggering suicides inside the forest, the local government has stopped publicizing the exact figures of the lives lost to prevent further fascination with the forest.


Logan Paul got to see first-hand why Aokigahara Forest got its name.


In one of his vlogs, he went into the forest and got footage of a dead body.


He and the crew who went him also saw shoes, plastic bottles, jackets, etc. littered around the forest.


It turns out; these items were the belongings of the people who committed suicide in the forest. 


He was eventually criticized online and received massive backlash for being rude and disrespecting the serenity of the woods.

Kurseong, India

Dow Hill School, Kurseong, India

Kurseong is a town in India that's known for its hauntings.


Found near Darjeeling in northeast India, the city still has some people living in it, despite the high level of paranormal activity.


The town is full of locations that are full of ghosts.


The Victorian school is reportedly the most haunted.


Locals and tourists often hear weird sounds such as moaning, screaming, and whispers.


Some even hear laughter from the school, even when there's no one inside.


Probably one of the weirdest sightings in Kurseong is that a lot of tourists saw a woman with bizarre clothing running and jumping from building to building.

Old Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

Abandoned Dominican Building

The Old Diplomat Hotel is the scariest place in the world.


Ironically, this haunted hotel is located in a famous tourist spot and the summer capital of the Philippines.


The Old Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City is known to house a variety of apparitions ranging from headless monks, ladies clothed in bloody white gowns, Victorian-dressed people, and Japanese soldiers.


The variety of the ghosts here can be attributed to the Old Diplomat Hotel's past.


First, it was a Spanish retreat back when the Philippines was a colony of Spain.


In World War II, the Japanese captured the place and committed mass atrocities in it. 

Green Island, Taiwan

Green Island, Taiwan

Taiwan is home to the infamous Green Island.


The island was once a home for political prisoners of the White Terror.


Those who opposed the government during the White Terror were automatically branded as traitors and sent to Green Island.


Many prisoners were also executed by firing squad on the island.


The reason for the countless murders on the island was because of the policy of the White Terror: "Better to kill one by mistake than to let one go in error."

Morgan House, West Bengal, India

Morgan House Kalimpong

Built by George Morgan in the early 1930s, the Morgan House is a mansion located in Kalimpong, West Bengal.


The mansion was often used as a retreat house for important people when the British ruled over India.


Today, the mansion serves as a hotel for brave guests who want to experience the hauntings inside the place.


Locals and guests believe that the wife of Mr. Morgan still often haunts the place.


Reports of rattling chains, weird noises, and a foul odor coming out of a specific room were the most common experiences for guests who stayed the night here. 

If you want to add variety to your vacation, don't pick a boring beach or a winter escapade.


Why not visit a scary place and test your wits?


These spots are some of the scariest locations you can visit in Asia.


Try and visit them all if you dare!