Terre à Terre in Brighton

Terre á Terre in Brighton

Join me for an extraordinary elegant meal at Terre à Terre, The Vegetarian Restaurant, in Brighton.

a vegetarian staple since 1993

A long standing vegetarian staple in the city, Terre à Terre has been well-known for it's stunning and inventive plant-based meals since 1993.


The restaurant is a product of pure passion, wanderlust and a love of good food by two chefs that love to travel and create inspiring and innovative dishes.


They have also made a commitment to being eco-conscious, incorporating ethical product sourcing, recycling, as well as participating in local charities and events.


I was intrigued by what I'd heard about the food beforehand, but I had no idea what I was getting myself info!


I decided to try the tapas platter so that I could sample as much culinary delights as possible, and wow, what a complete sensory overload!


The preparation and plating of their dishes is simply astonishing. 


All the food was so extraordinary and (almost) indescribable.

inventive worldly-inspired food

Some of my favorites were...


Peeking buns: a light and tasty dish consisting of fluffy steamed rice buns, with kimchi, pickled watermelon and a miso chili sauce for dipping.


Green been runner: simply fresh griddled green beans with black sesame salt and lime. Who knew green beans could be so exciting!


Arepas mojo: deliciously deep fried, crispy, and airy sweetcorn chermoula chips with a chili jelly, avocado coriander chili garlic hash and oregano lime mojo.


Creamed pea purée: a tasty pea dish, with lemon, parsley, and mint, garnished with beautiful pea tendrils on top.


Too pretty to eat!

snacks, spreads, books and More

I couldn't leave with out some goodies, especially since they have a huge assortment of jams and treats and their amazing cookbook.


The Kalamata olive spread is delicious on its own or also on a sandwich or as a dip.


The wasabi cashews are intensely addicting and just the perfect heat.


My absolute favorite treat was the vegan boozy rum chocolate truffles: rich decadent dark bitter chocolate filled with yummy tasty rum centers.


Nom nom.

visit terre a terre

Visit Terre à Terre at 71 East Street in the ultra foodie city of Brighton, England