Vegan Food Guide to Brighton

Vegan Food Guide to Brighton

You should pay a visit to the hip foodie town that is Brighton, England. There is an endless amount of vegan and veggie food in this city. You can find vegan meals at almost every restaurant, cafe or pubI'm talking burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, ice cream, nachos, sushi, fish and chips and full English brekkie! Here are some of my favs.

The Almond Tree

109C Dyke Rd

Located in Seven Dials, this unique cute little neighborhood spot is locally famous for breakfast and lunch. They also do great juices and excellent coffee. Their vegan BLT is amazing.



vegan blt sandwich from the almond tree
the almond tree

baby bao

49 Gloucester Rd

Located inside The Pond pub, this street food kitchen serves up delicious bao buns and small plates. 



baby bao
baby bao


11-12 Queens Rd

Super yummy cheesy chips, chili cheese hot dogs, kebabs and more at the Hope and Ruin pub.



vegan chili cheese hot dog from beelzebab


5-7 Terminus Rd

All vegan food sustainable food truck serving healthy quinoa and vegetable cups at the train station.

the cowley club

12 London Rd

Community space with cafe serving vegan drinks and treats, and planned weekly vegan dinners. 

earth and stars

46 Windsor St

Pub with a great selection of beautifully prepared vegan dinners and vegan cakes and desserts.

food for friends

17-18 Prince Albert St

A classic in the South Lanes, and a longtime staple of the veggie community in Brighton, dishing up some beautifully presented plates. More.



dessert from food for friends
food for freiends

Green Kitchen

8 Preston Rd

A 100% vegan cafe serving up delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners like burgers, sandwiches, and toasties. Dog-friendly! Available for delivery with Deliveroo.



bacon cheeseburger at green kitchen
green kitchen

hail seitan

19A Hollingdean Terrace

Vegan caterer serving monthly dinners and sunday roasts and bbq, plus vegan microbrewery attached.

happy maki

8 Pool Valley

Modern all vegan sushi burrito spot that also educates and donates to plant trees and feed children, plus delicious sides like popcorn cauliflower bites. 



sushi wrap from sushi maki
happy maki

Infinity Foods kitchen

50 Gardner St

A cozy eatery with a cafeteria-style selection of local and organic veg foods. 



mac and cheese from infinity foods kitchen
infinity foods kitchen


17 Kensington Gardens

A cafeteria-style selection of locally sourced nutritious meals await you at Iydea. Their menu changes daily so you're always in for a surprise.



iydea vegan burrito


53 Gardner St

Vegan deli shop with sandwiches, snacks, treats and coffee in North Laine.



jacked potato from larder

the longhouse cafe

16 York Pl

Cute chic 100% vegan cafe serving up yummy and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, sweets, and coffee.



avocado toast from the longhouse cafe
the longhouse cafe

The Loving Hut

48 Gardner St

Well-known for yummy vegan comfort food like cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, wraps, hot dogs, cakes and soft serve ice cream. Also sells vegan products and delivers.



cheeseburger at loving hut
the loving hut

Morelli Zorelli

40 Western Rd Hove

Authentic Italian pizzeria in Hove that boasts a huge menu of vegan and vegetarian pizzas, including 2 types of vegan mozzarella cheeses and mock meats from Vbites. Local delivery, with wine! More.



cheesy bread from morelli zorelli
morelli zorelli

our cornish pasty

24 Gardner St

Cute little pasty shop with several savory vegan pasties plus a selection of vegan desserts.

Pizza Me

8 Elm Grove

Pizza Me has great tasty, stringy, melty, vegan cheese with authentic Italian dough and pizza. Go to the cute round little shop and get a slice or a pie, or order your pie online via Just Eat. More.



sausage pizza from pizza me
pizza me


35 St Georges Rd Brighton, 1 Coleridge St Hove, 138 Montague Street Worthing

Killer vegan pizza with vegan meats like pepperoni, sausage and chorizo. Multiple locations, they deliver, and you can also find their pizzas cooked to order at local pubs and theaters around town. More.



pepperoni and sausage pizza from pizzaface

the plant room

17-19 Brighton Square

Ultra chic cosy little coffee shop serving goodies from Planted like vegan pastries, cakes, breakfast scrambled tofu rolls and pulled pork sandwiches. 

the prince george

5 Trafalgar St

Classic pub with a popular vegetarian food menu serving up sandwiches, wraps, burgers and chips.


12 St James's St

100% vegan restaurant that does pizza, mac and cheese, lasagna, artisanal vegan cheese and more. Really tasty pizza with perfect vegan cheese. Available for delivery via Deliveroo. More.



artisanal vegan cheese board from purezza

rock ola

28-29 Tidy St

Themed classically vintage 1950's diner restaurant that has tons of vegan selections like full English breakfasts, American breakfasts, pancake stacks, bacon, burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes.

the southover

58 Southover Street

This classic British pub has lots of great vegan eats, like a full vegan Sunday roast dinner complete with a red onion wellington, a yummy vegan chili with cashew nut sour cream and this tasty BLT sandwich with avocado and coconut bacon.



blt sandwich at the southover pub
the southover

Terre à Terre

71 East St

Definitely the most interesting, original and inventive presentations I have ever seen on a plate, this food is both refreshing and delicious. Definitely a worldly-inspired menu, the food ranges from pan-asian tapas to creamed pea puree. Pretty to look at and fun to eat. Also sells own products in store. More.



terre a terre vegan tapas
terre a terre

two wolves kitchen

67A Upper Gloucester Rd

Kitchen in the Edinburgh pub with a great selection of vegan grub like burgers, haggis, steak and duck.



burger at two wolves kitchen
two wolves kitchen


14 East St

100% vegan cafe with burgers, fish, nachos, hot dogs, chicken and more. Part of the Vbites mock meat brand. Cafe also has a small shop where you can buy vegan products, meats, sauces and drinks. Certified by the Vegan Society. I think the Elvis Burger is my favorite.



elvis burger at vbites

vegan food pimp

4 Princes St 

Totally awesome 100% vegan comfort foods like southern fried chicken, fish and chips, kebab wraps, sunday roasts, and epic burgers, all in the funky Marlborough Pub and Theatre. More.



burger from vegan food pimp
vegan food pimp

Wai Kika Moo Kau

11A Kensington Gardens

"Why Kick a Moo Cow". Another one of my favorite go-to spots in the North Laines, this place has a comfy, cozy, chill atmosphere. They do great coffee and food, including a killer vegan English breakfast, and always have a nice selection of cakes and treats.



oreo cake from wai kika moo kau
wai kika moo kau

wild cherry

91 Queen's Park Rd

A chic, rustic organic grocery, bakery and deli shop with amazing daily house-made vegan offerings like salads, lasagnas and brownies. Lots of fresh baked goods and cruelty-free kitchen and home products.

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