How to Travel For Next to Nothing

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How to travel for next to nothing

Want to travel but don’t have the money? Wondering how everyone else does it? Here are my top budget travel tips - or how to travel with little to no money.

Free or Cheap Transportation


Whenever possibke, walk to your destination. It’s free, it’s healthy, and it’s good for you. When you can’t walk, use Rome2rio to find the easiest way to get from point A to point B. 

It’s got a sleek user-friendly app you can use to find any and all transportation including metros, buses, trains, taxis, ride shares, airfare, and much more. 

Save your time and sanity and skip searching all the other transportation apps because this one always displays the most possible options for any route.

Cheap Airfare


love Momondo for the best deals on airfare. It’s beautiful, easy, and fast. And you can’t beat that.

I’ve tried countless other websites searching for the best airfare deals and this one always wins, often offering similar flight plans for fractions of the price of other sites.
How to find the best airfare deals

Cheap Hotels

For the best hotel deals, is where to go. It’s got a huge range of all types of properties everywhere in the world, the best prices, tons of discounts, and flexible booking options like free cancellation if you change your plans.

Free Accommodation

Trusted Housesitters

The ultimate best tip to travel for next to nothing is to actually travel for nothing. With Trusted Housesitters, you can housesit anywhere around the world for absolutely free. 

By caring for someone’s home and pets, in exchange you get completely free accommodation, often in luxury homes in desirable travel destinations. 

And free is always the best travel cost.

How to get free luxury accommodation