How I Lived in Luxury in Southeast Asia Free for a Year

How I Lived in Luxury in Southeast Asia Free for 8 Months

Exactly how I lived in swanky style in some of the most luxurious homes in SEA for absolutely free. Here's where you can get a little peak into my lifestyle with photos of the best places I've lived.

I travel the world and live for free by housesitting internationally. Housesitting allows you to live in luxurious homes anywhere you want, at no cost, all in exchange for caring for the pets, taking care of the home, and handling emergencies

I recently housesit all over Southeast Asia in 10 different uniquely beautiful homes. From traditional villas with private pools overlooking rice fields to ultra modern 4 story homes with mod cons galore to luxurious penthouse condos complete with hot tubs, gyms, and restaurants. Plus, the absolute best part of all, I got to meet, love, and snuggle some of the best animals ever.

In addition to living in total luxury, I also go to relax at beautiful beaches, explore and eat all the foods, plus learn interesting local customs like how to use the bathrooms, how to get around, and how to eat at markets. I met monkeys in Indonesia, lived with monkeys in Malaysia, hung out with elephants in Thailand, and visited dogs in Bali

If you love to travel, if you love pets, and if you're a digital nomad, you should try housesitting. Live for free in a private home, care for sweet animals, and relax in style anywhere you want, anywhere in the world. Save your wallet, budget and sanity.

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