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How I Lived in Luxury in Southeast Asia Free for One Year
A glimpse into luxury.
Worst Travel Fails
The horrors of stupid mistakes.
Worst House Sitting Emergencies
Fires, earthquakes, and more crap.
The 40 Things I Own
Exactly what's in my bag.
10 Tips to Stay Safe as a Solo Female Traveler
Best tips on solo female travel.
5 Reasons Why I Choose to Walk
Why I walk instead.
How I Spent Only $6K in One Year of Travel and Lived in the Lap of Luxury
A year of ultra budget travel.
How I Travel Full-time: My Secrets to Stay on the Road
Full-time travel revealed.
Lone Wolf: An Introvert on the Road
Why I travel solo.
Carry-On Only: Minimalist Packing List
How I travel full-time as a minimalist.

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