30 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Urban House in Copenhagen

30 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Urban House in Copenhagen

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I was intrigued by the very artful, unique hotel/hostel hybrid Urban House.


When I really got to check the entire place out, I was pleasantly surprised that not only are they are 2 in 1, they don't stop there, because they also have pretty much anything you could ever want.


And, when I say everything - I mean everything.


So many features that I came up with 30 reasons why this place rocks!

1. Great location

Urban House is located in an excellent location in Copenhagen’s hip Vesterbro neighborhood just 2 minutes from the Central Station, and surrounded by countless shops, bars, restaurants and even a few strip bars if that’s your thing. 

2. Accommodation variety

The building is enormous, and because it's a hotel and hostel hybrid, there are multiple size dormitories to choose from, and also multiple private and family rooms.


Whatever size and bed count suits you.


And, they all come with private bathrooms.


I saw everyone from families with kids, couples, groups, solo travelers and business travelers all during my stay.

3. 24/7 checkin

Arrive whenever you darn well feel like it.


Because that's usually when I like arriving at places anyways. 

4. Checkin app

You can enter your info into an app and breeze through your room checkin.


Comes with local guides and works with other hostels in other cities around the world, too.

5. Reception-less checkin/checkout

The most convenient thing ever! 


You'll get a room code emailed to you on the day of your checkin and then you literally just walk directly to your room, punch in the code and voila.


No waiting in line, no signing of endless papers, none of that business.


There's also some self-checkin kiosks you can use.


And some friendly folks around if you need help.

6. Keyless

No keys, no cards to carry around, or worry about breaking or leaving or losing.


Just a simple numeric code. 

7. Free wifi

Working, reliable, unlimited data wifi throughout the entire building.

8. free room amenities

Free hairdryers, linens, towels and toiletries.


You'd be surprised at just how rare these things are, both in hostels and hotels. 

9. bedside conveniences

Bedside power and light access.


Sockets and reading lights right next to the pillow on each bed.


A thoughtful and helpful touch. 

10. artistic designs

There are endless funky art displays, murals, and cool vintage and industrial lighting throughout.


Always something interesting or upbeat to look at. 

11. Full bar

Serving draft beers, ciders, wines, shots and some specialty cocktails.


Always sporting happy hour specials as well. 

12. Coffee bar

Where they make a pretty mean soy latte. 

13. restaurant

Nice menu selection with burgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, including a delicious "Green Spleen" vegan burger - a savory, house-made, fried vegetable patty topped with lettuce, tomato and overflowing with creamy hummus.

14. snack kiosk

Take-away drinks and snacks.


Juices and sandwiches to purchase for your room or to go.

15. daily breakfast to go

Breakfast is served every morning.


Get some in the lounge or get it in a bag to go!

16. Self serve kitchen

Feel like cooking?


Go for it.


There's an entire giant industrial kitchen at your disposal. 

17. Laundry room

Lots of machines to use plus a huge flat screen tv and sitting area so you're not bored.

18. Locker room

Lockers are in the dorms too but if you have more stuff there's an entire separate room you can use for storage.

19. Quiet room

For peace and quiet.


This is a cute idea.


I heart quiet. 

20. Green escape

Head out back for some fresh air that's not full of car fumes and into a little bit of a green oasis in the city.

21. Theater

Lounge about on lots of soft chairs and sofas and feast your eyes on a giant flatscreen.

22. Library

Books galore.


Two walls of them actually.


And a pool table.


You'll never be bored in there. 

23. Game room

For funsies!


Get your game on.

24. Lounges

Tons of artfully designed lounge areas are scattered all around to chill out in but I especially loved the main bar lounge.


A bit of a modern yet eclectic touch, with exposed industrial piping, distressed wooden tables and funky old couches and pillows.

25. Bike rental

Because it's Copenhagen and it's easy to bike around if that's your thing. 

26. Stage area

Featuring live bands, shows and entertainment.


You never have to leave the hotel!

27. Tattoo shop

Urban House's very own Wisdomless Tattoo Club is just below street level and heading down those steps is like stepping a century back in time to a fancy Victorian Parlor room.


Not to mention the very well-groomed tattoo artists all decked out in vests and ties.


On point.

28. Free walking tours

There are several of these you can catch right from the hotel, including an alternative tour and food tour. 

29. Social app

Urban House guests can use the comundu app to connect, meet hotel guests, and find live feed streams on screens throughout the lounge.


There's many activities and events, such as 'Movember', and they have their own hashtag: #docopenhagen.

30. A sense of humor

You don't usually expect a hotel to have a sense of humor but then again, this is no ordinary hotel now, is it?!


Funny tidbits are noticeable everywhere from the website to the murals and signs all around, even down to the cheeky privacy sign for your room door that says, "There's a door between us and I like it like that."


I do like it like that.


Thanks, sign!

check out urban house

Go check out Urban House at Colbjørnsensgade 11 in foodie Copenhagen.


Book a room online or stop in for a bite, drink, or tattoo!