Vegan Food Guide to Portland

Vegan Food Guide to Portland

Here's my roundup of the best spots for tasty plant-based eats all over PDX!

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2217 NE Alberta, 2217 NE Alberta St, 4804 SE Woodstock Blvd


This all vegan spot has a bit of everything.


Featuring excellent tarts, quiches, mac and cheese, and baked goods, plus an ice cream bar - and it's available via delivery.

Beta lukas

2504 SE 50th


Famous for being the best Ethiopian food in the city, Beta Lukas always over delivers. 

blossoming lotus

1713 NE 15th


Super chic restaurant offering an all vegan menu and many raw vegan foods. 

bye and bye

1011 NE Alberta


Hipster to the max - The Bye and Bye is popular favorite because they're an all vegan bar with a chill vibe and great food.


Everything on their menu is awesome, especially my favorite, the reuben.


Check out more bars by the Lightning Collective for more drinks and noms - the Sweet Hereafter, Jackknife, Dig a Pony, Century Bar, Victoria Bar, Associated and Capitol.



reuben sandwich at the bye and bye
reuben sandwich at the bye and bye

cafe yumm

301 SW Morrison, 1806 SW 6th Ave, 1010 NE 7th Avenue and at PDX


Local chain that serves delicious food bowls with their liquid gold sauce called Yumm Sauce, a super popular and iconic Portland condiment.


You can also buy bottles of Yumm sauce at local groceries around town.

DC vegetarian

5026 SE Division


Simply stellar sandwiches like breakfast sandwiches, steak and cheese, and yummy vegan cheeseburgers make this place a must visit.

down to earth

7828 SW 35th


Cozy little cafe in Multnomah Village that makes great home-cooked eats.


Great for breakfast and brunch since they do excellent tofu scrambles with vegan cheese.



tofu sscramble at down to earth cafe
tofu scramble at down to earth cafe

el nutri taco

2124 NE Alberta, 8436 SE Woodstock


The best vegan Mexican food - smothered burritos, enchiladas, nachos, and more, all with vegan cheese and sour cream and a selection of meats like tofu, soy curls, tempeh and chicken strips.



nachos at el nutri taco
nachos at el nutri taco

farm spirit

1414 SE Morrison


Intimate fine dining restaurant where patrons are served a multi course tasing menu at a counter directly by the chefs.



plate at farm spirit
dragon beans at farm spirit


3423 SE Belmont


Food cart serving up tasty comfort foods like bbq bowls, deep fried avocado, buffalo wings, jalapeño poppers and more. 

franks a lot

2845 E Burnside


Cute drive-thru hot dog stand that offers a selection of vegan dogs like franks, sausage, bratwurst, and kielbasa.


Always delicious, affordable, and really fun to visit. 



hot dog at franksalot
bratwurst at franksalot

homegrown smoker

8638 N Lombard St, 4237 N Mississippi Ave


Best vegan Southern eats!


BBQ soy curls, mac and cheese, burgers, burritos and ribs.

hungry tiger

213 SE 12th


Fun bar with vegan comfort food menu such as super tasty vegan corn dogs, chicken and waffles, and cheese fries.

ichiza kitchen

1628 SW Jefferson St


Very hip all vegan Pan-Asian style kitchen and teahouse serving their very own line of mock meat products. 

junior's cafe

1742 SE 12th


Cozy diner perfect for brunch with delicious tofu scrambles and super friendly service. 

laughing planet cafe

625 NW Saltzman, 1914 NE 42nd, 4110 SE Woodstock, 91 State, 3320 SE Belmont, 922 NW 21st, 3765 N Mississippi, 4405 SW Vermont, 721 NW 9th, 1720 SW 4th


Fun local chain that has a large menu with tons of burritos, bowls and more.



fiesta bowl from laughing planet cafe
fiesta bowl from laughing planet cafe

the loving hut

1239 SW Jefferson St


Local spot of the popular international vegan chain. Everything is amazingly delicious.

native foods

SW Bridgeport


All vegan chain restaurant that has a gigantic menu of delicious foods like warps, bowls, burgers, sandwiches, and tacos, plus tons of great desserts.

nectar cafe

1925 NE 42nd


Lovely little cafe with great coffee and inventive eats like the jalapeño waffle sandwich. 



jalepeno waffles at nectar cafe
jalapeño waffle sandwich at nectar cafe

next level burger

4121 SE Hawthorne


Vegan fast food burger joint! Classic burgers at great prices, this is a must visit!



cheeseburger at next level burger
cheeseburger at next level burger

paradox cafe

3439 SE Belmont


Cute diner with great vegan menu - and it's perfect for brunch!


Great french toast, pancakes, tofu scrambles and more.


925 NW Davis, 21 NE 12th


Organic veggie food spot with tasty juices and bowls.


Its sister restaurant Harlow is on Hawthorne in SE.

the sudra

2333 NE Glisan, 8777 N Lombard


All vegan restaurants with Indian-inspired authentic and tasty eats.

sushi love

1122 SE Tacoma St


Super amazing all vegan sushi food cart with inventive creations like the Full Kitchen Alchemist, made with soyrizo, tortilla chips and nacho cheese.



sushi from sushi love
full kitchen alchemist at sushi love

thrive sauce & bowls

4641 NE Fremont


The place to go for fresh, local tasty food bowls plus great hot sauce.



bowl from thrive sauce and bowls
vietnamese tempeh bowl at thrive sauce and bowls

van hahn

8446 SE Division


Non-profit vegetarian, mostly vegan, restaurant that's run by a Buddhist nun with a large menu full mock meats they make in house.

veggie grill

508 SW Taylor, 3435 SW Cedar Hills


Amazing all vegan fast food restaurant with buffalo wings, burgers, wraps, tacos, and more.


Plus you can earn rewards, order and pay with an app!



crab sandwich from veggie grill
crab sandwich at veggie grill

vita cafe

3023 NE Alberta


Laid-back spot with tons of really great vegan dishes like tofu scrambles, chicken fried steak, turkey florentine, steak and cheese, reubens, and more.



cheesesteak from vita cafe
cheesesteak at vita cafe


1628 SW Jefferson


Downtown spot specializing in cheese! In addition to raw aged cheese selection, also offers sandwiches, salads and more.

voodoo doughnut

22 SW 3rd, 1501 NE Davis


A Portland icon - Voodoo makes an assortment of tasty vegan doughnuts.



doughnuts from voodoo doughnut
doughnuts at voodoo doughnut

white owl social club

1305 SE 8th


Hip bar with lots of vegan options like burgers and s'mores you can cook at your table!