5 Reasons to Travel Light

5 Reasons to Travel Light

Here are the top 5 ways I think traveling light makes your entire life and travel experience so much easier. Meet minimalism! It's your friend!

1. Less weight

I personally love carrying just one small bag. First of all, you’re physically carrying less weight around. This is, of course, easier to do than carrying multiple heavy bags, especially when you find yourself running down the street to catch a bus, train or plane. Less weight is easier on you and your your body.


And, second, forcing yourself to go minimal with your bag forces you to cut out the extra crap. Don't be a victim of overpacking. Only take the essentials. Don't ever take anything disposable. And, don't go overboard with gadgets. These are often the heaviest things you'll be lugging around. You can almost always live on less than you think. See how I travel in 11 pounds, my minimalist packing list, the 40 things i own, my bag, and also how I lived with one gadget

2. Less stress

With only one bag, you can always keep it on you or near you. You can always keep your eye on it, so there’s less chance of theft or damage, as opposed to multiple things that you can’t watch simultaneously. You can also easily keep one bag on you or on your lap, instead of on the floor, or in those luggage racks on the bus or train, where it could easily be swiped without you noticing. And, you'll blend in with the locals more easily. Don't live in a constant state of worry! Go lighter, safer, and ease your mind.

3. Less money

Travel carry-on only and you won’t have to check your bags, so you’ll never pay fees for checked bags or extra carryon allowances. Why give more money to the airline? Silliness! All airlines' rules are different, so check yours before you travel. Here's a great interactive airline carry-on size chart

4. Less time

You’ll save so much time when you only have one one bag to worry about. You only have to pack one bag, so you can pack faster and easier because you won’t have a lot of stuff in it anyways. You can skip the airport bag checkin and go right to your gate. And, you can breeze past the luggage carousels on your way out, too. Let everyone else spend half an hour waiting for their battered suitcases and you can be the first one out to catch the next bus or train.

5. Less commitment

Don't make your luggage your own personal ball and chain to drag you down. This affects your mentality as well. The less you have to carry around, the more light and free you are to do things, like be spontaneous and adventurous. I can easily take a walk, go on an impromptu hike, have a drink at a bar, eat at a restaurant, or go on a tour with my one small bag, whereas people lugging around multiple bags or wheeled luggage cannot. The stuff they own ends up owning them. Stay light. Be free!

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