5 Cheap Vegan Travel Apps for Food and Drinks

5 Cheap Vegan Travel Apps for Food and Drinks

Vegan travel is so easy! Find vegan meals, menus, restaurants, drinks, and more, all around the world with these awesome easy to use smartphone apps. All have been tried and tested by yours truly and are definitely worth it! So go get 'em!

1. happy cow

Happy Cow Burger Abroad

This is my all-time favorite website and app for find great vegan food worldwide. It's beautiful, intuitive, reliable and fun to use. I love the map feature and it has great food reviews with photos. It works in 175 countries all around the world and you can even save info for use offline.  

Grab it here for $3.99. So. Worth. It. 



2. veganagogo

VeganaGoGo Burger Abroad

Easily translate popular questions and expressions into multiple languages for use around the world. I love the little animal photos that really help explain what what not to eat. Easy to use, change colors, languages, and more. Read the in depth review here.

Definitely go get this app here for $2.99.



3. vegan passport

Vegan Passport Burger Abroad

The Vegan Society has released their Vegan Passport app, a phrasebook with languages that covers 96% of the entire world! And if for some reason you can't communicate with words, they have a handy picture screen where you can use pictures instead!

Snag this app here for $1.99.





4. vegan xpress

Vegan Xpress Burger Abroad

A quick and easy to use guide to vegan eats at 150 popular restaurant chains, including extras like candy, snacks, foods, and alcohol, too. Great super fast reference if you're hungry in a pinch.  Get this app here for $1.99.



5. green vegan

Green Vegan Burger Abroad

Vegan drinkers, rejoice! Find and easily search for vegan beer, wine and liquor with this great app that even shows you the ingredient statements direct from the companies. Automatically updates itself from the huge Barnivore vegan alcohol directory with nearly 30,000 listings.

Grab this app here for $1.99.




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