The Ultimate Vegan Travel Directory

The Ultimate Vegan Travel Directory

Welcome to the most comprehensive & alphabetized A-Z list of the top vegan, veg, and veg-friendly bloggers, vloggers, and guides that show how super easy worldwide vegan travel really is!


It's easy to live a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle all over the world and these great resources will help show you how. Curious or new to the vegan lifestyle? Check out vegan outreach for more info on veganism, don't buy animal abuse for tourist attractions to boycott, and go drool over my food articles for yummy noms!

About this directory:

This is a dynamic collection based on FOOD!, and therefore mostly made up ovegan travel bloggers and vegan food bloggers because they always have the insider scoop on all the vegan food in the world.


Everyone on this list has vegan articles in one or more of these categories helpful to travelers - vegan travel tips, restaurant reviews, product reviews, city guides, country guides, festival guides, responsible travel guides, and vegan world cuisine inspired recipes.


There's also some noteworthy vegan travel information like magazines, apps, tours, and accommodation (all marked with a *).


afro vegan chick janyce cooks, reviews restaurants and products, and creates homemade products

airplanes and avocados emily is on a quest to explore the earth while trying to save it at the same time 

alex goes there alex has a vegan travel blog on travel, alternative living, and other deep stuff

alien's day out mipa writes about life as a vegan in seoul, south korea

all about vegan food spreading veganism and how easy it is to cook, eat, live and travel as a vegan

alternative travelers sustainable, plant-based travel and living on a budget

am i nearly there yet eloise & stu share travel adventures through photography, humor and advice

an everyday vegan loving life and blogging vegan adventures

angela orecchio angela shows you how you can live and travel healthy as well for a cruelty free lifestyle 

arzo travels arzo is a veggie travel addict traveling the world and sharing experiences 

the aspiring digital nomad traveler, nomad, minimalist, and travel blogger, living out of a carry-on bag 

astig vegan rg is a cook and purveyor of vegan and veganized recipes

avocado pesto vicky is a longtime foodie and travel enthusiast catering to vegan diets 

the awkward eater debra blogs about vegan and gluten-free eating in the uk


barnivore vegan beer, wine and liquor guide *

beach house kitchen lee & jane love to travel and cook with global flavors

berlin vegan love find vegan and veg-friendly restaurants and places all over the world 

bite size vegan emily makes fun, friendly, fact-based videos on the why and how of being vegan 

blissful and fit christy is a vegan chef, educator, personal trainer, yoga teacher and world traveler 

bounding over our steps ligeia & mindy highlight lesbian vegan travel adventures

bonzai aphrodite sayward inspires a life both socially conscious and totally fabulous

broke and roaming breanna loves health, fitness, travel, and eating food 

the bruges vegan trudi & jim write about vegan products and a bit of culture

burger abroad (me!) a longtime vegan, full-time traveler and travel blogger


cadry's kitchen cadry shares vegan adventures, recipes, travel stories and more

the caffeinated vegan stephanie shares vegan food adventures around the world and from her kitchen

cara schrock cara shares recipes, narratives, travel guides and prose of the cruelty-free vegan life

charlie on travel charlie writes about slow, sustainable, responsible travel and eating local and vegetarian

cherry flamingo jenny is a vegan, creative, adventuress on adventures around the world

chic vegan vegan food, products, reviews, fashion, beauty and more

christian koeder christian writes about nutrition and veganism

chronicles of a travel addict christina inspires everyone to follow their dream of travel

circle our earth advice and inspiration for vegan and vegetarian world travel 

city loveee christina is a vegan blogger / vlogger who documents travel, food, and cruelty-free beauty

comuse travels dawn & neel adore travel and inspire travel in others

cowgirls and collard greens kayle shares information on animals, wellness, health and veganism

crazy sexy fun traveler alexandra blogs about crazy travel, fun adventures and vegan food


destination vegan a travel and vegan dining show

do less get more done klaudia is a vegan traveler focusing on a green sustainable lifestyle

don’t forget to move jules & christine promote adventurous and responsible travel around the world

the dreamy idealist guides, recipes, product reviews, and advice on how to travel vegan

driftwood magazine travel and culture digest for the graduated vegan *


eat away libby & marcel are a plant-based couple traveling long term around the world

eats well with others vegan foodie writes about dining adventures out in the big scary omnivorous world

epic animal quest the fox-smith family encourages compassion, respect and care for all animals

epicurious vegan vegan food, drink and travel

everyday explorers jacob & frida show how to live, work, and travel globally 

everyday tastiness an odyssey of wholesome, healthy, hearty, tasty food


fat gay vegan vegan news, restaurants and events in london

fire and tea justine is a vegan traveler helping you find the joy of vegan in your travels

flicking the vs joey is a london vegan with a blog and an appetite 

the food duo carlo & carmella are a couple of quirky vegan kids from nyc with a cruelty-free blog

footprints and fotos an ethical nomad's rtw trip with no flying, no driving, and no meat

fun with your food world traveler and food enthusiast who loves to try new things


gabriela here and there gabriela is a vegan full-time traveler and travel blogger

the gay vegans dan & mike blog about veganism, equality and compassion

gingerbread buttons vegan gin enthusiast traveling around europe with a single backpack

global veg inspired by global cuisine and fresh wholesome ingredients

globetrotter girls dani is a vegetarian full-time traveler 

going vagabond anne writes a travel blog for vagabonds and globetrotters

green earth travel eco-adventure travel agency *

the green v contemporary, luxury vegan living and wanderlust 

green vegan kitchen jessica creates vegan recipes and reviews restaurants 


happiest when exploring fun travel tips & tools, motivation & inspiration to explore the world

happy cow website and app to find veg food anywhere in the world *

happy herbivore lindsay has cookbooks, guides and more on the plant-based lifestyle

healthy hungry coconut regina is a vegan foodie and blogger who loves animals and healthy living

the healthy voyager carolyn is a vegan chef, author and healthy travel and lifestyle expert

heart of a vagabond yara is an eco travel blogger featuring vegetarian foods and worldwide destinations

the hectic vegan rich shows being a vegan can be easy especially when you have a hectic life

henya mania henya is an isreali vegan youtuber

herbivores heaven jenny shares great vegan restaurants, cookbooks and recipes

hey shae shaedyn is a vegan travel and lifestyle vlogger 

hidden cafes and alleyways ethical travel for the happily lost and forever searching

the humane eating project a restaurant app for people that care about animals * 


i'm a little vegan all things veggie along with tips, tricks and eats

ichiban vegan vegan on a mission to make the best vegan food inspired by old recipes and new

indefinite adventure guides, stories and more from a gay, vegan, digital nomad couple 

it's vegan darling vegan reviews and travel blog


jaclyn mccosker jaclyn is a minimalist, vegan, ethical blogger

jaz morton jaz is a vegan blogger / vlogger with a love of adventure travel 

jenny mustard jenny & david are vegan minimalist bloggers / vloggers and design lovers jessica is vegan canadian expat in germany spreading a positive message

joyful travel pie puja is a vegan foodie, storyteller and travel blogger 

justin plus lauren justin & lauren are vegan part-time travelers slowly making their way around the world


kale moss julia is a plant-based foodie traveller trying to be sustainable

kas sommers kas is passionate about food, travel and unexpected adventure 

keeping it kind kristy is an animal lover and travel fanatic trying to make the world a kinder place

kind coconut nicole is passionate about exploring the world and discovering new ways to be kind

kind vagabond kristin has a serious case of wanderlust and a love for helping animals

kindred spirits connecting vegan and vegetarian travelers with housesits and swaps *

kristin leo kristin is a vegan travel and fashion blogger / vlogger


laid back places carmen loves to travel and explore, and is in favor of human and animal rights

laika magazine nyc's modern guide to vegan living *

laptop vegan peter is a vegan blogger / vlogger sharing cafes, eateries and events

laughfrodisiac randi blogs about funny travel tips, restaurant reviews, vegan recipes and more

the laziest vegans in the world a tribute to vegan pre-packaged food

lessons learned abroad ethical travel for the budget adventurer 

the little foxes ashlee is a minimalist vegan blogger / vlogger 

live and let’s go lifestyle and travel blog with travels, good food and fun experiences

lofty and the bees vegan digital nomads on the road sharing laughs, lessons and love

long haul trekkers dave, jen & sora the dog's adventures on their world bike tour 

the lost boy memoirs ryan is a vegan travel blogger sharing his travels and mis-adventures

the lost lemurian karyn is a vegan travel blogger, slow travel advocate, and fan of lost civilizations

lotus artichoke justin is an artist, designer, traveler, and cookbook author 

the lotus journal a guide to living a mindful, joyful, adventurous life


marissa kai marissa is a vegan enthusiast and blogger / vlogger 

messy vegetarian cook london vegan reviews, recipes, and vegan travel articles

mindful consumption vegan travel blogger changing the way we consume 

mindful wanderlust adventurous kind compassionate vegan travel

mindtgreen sharing the awesomeness of life, travel and plant-based food

the minimal pro sean is a digital nomad who blogs / vlogs about minimalism and veganism

minimalist baker easy plant-based minimalist recipes

miriam porter vegan traveler changing the world one article at a time

more than salad app to find vegan food *

mostly amelie solo vegan female world traveler with a knack for healthy living

music and mangos stories, vegan food, and restaurant reviews from a world traveling family

my five acres stephen & jane are passionate about having an adventurous life

my vegan database collection of vegan websites *


nat wanderlust vegan traveler, photographer, and blogger

never ending voyage digital nomad couple attempting to find the best vegetarian food 

nomad girl jasmine is a vegan backpacker and travel blogger

nomad is beautiful ivana & gianni are visual storytellers, travel writers and photographers

the nomadic vegan wendy is an intrepid traveller, vegan foodie and polyglot

the nomadic vegetarian zoe is a vegetarian chef sharing eating and cooking adventures across the globe

north and south nomads shawn & jess share food and travel adventures across the hemispheres

nourishing vegan journeys nutrition, travel and lifestyle blog with advice to live a delicious nourished life


the offbeat herbivore vegan lifestyle blog about food, health and wellness, quirky news, and travel

on the go vegan show vegan tips for home & travel from a vegan airline pilot and plant-based chef 

one arab vegan nada writes about a vegan lifestyle in the arab world and middle-eastern recipes 

orendipity nikki shares adventures, vegan foodie finds and rambles


paper planes blog alana writes a lifestyle travel blog with special love for thailand

paris by vegan how to be a healthy vegan in paris, france

peaceful dumpling vegan recipes, wellness, tips, beauty and inspiration

philly vegans philadelphia based vegans with world vegan travel reviews

planet backpack connie is a vegan digital nomad and travel blogger

plant based jet setter hannah is a luxury travel, fashion and vegan lifestyle blogger

plant based nomads location-independent vegans collecting vegan recipes along the way

plant based traveler documentary series exploring vegan cuisine through videos

plant eaters app that helps you find vegetarian and vegan meals everywhere *

plant powered nomad amelia is a vegan solo female traveller and yogi adventuring the world

plekje van sas sas is a dutch vegan minimalist traveler 

plenteous veg resources and nutritional advice for vegans and vegetarians

plumes world plumes is a vegan blogger and citizen of the world


quarry girl vegan food, beer, and videos


raggamuslims musings of a traveling family powered by plant fuel

raspberry ketchup vegan food, travel and natural beauty

right tourism guide to animal-friendly tourism choices *

ringovino vegan food and wine blogger with reviews

rory travels anywhere rory has a vegan travel and photo diary 

rtw travel guide kathryn & kate write an around the world travel blog


seeking skies tom & amy explore what the world has to offer

seven roses francesca is a vegan expat in france 

she travels vegan shopaholic, journalist, veganista 

the shooting star shivya inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and discover the world

simple sojourns southern california vegan lifestyle and travel bloggers

slow vegan travel dale & franca share their experiences on slow budget vegan travel

the spooky vegan sarah shares vegan eats and treats, halloween, and all things spooky

stumptown vegans restaurant reviews from portland and more 

the sunny vegan kitchen kate is a vegan blogger / vlogger and yogini

sweet tooth nothings vegan travel blogging psychotherapist

swell magazine vegan travel, wellness, city guides, and style inspiration *


taste of slow elin greenly and slowly explores the world

this traveler heart of mine all things vegan, animals, travel and coffee

tiki touring kiwi a blog about jub and his travels with a focus on hiking and health

the tofu dairies natalie shares vegan food, travel and cruelty-free living

tofu magazine the digital vegan magazine that pushes buttons *

the tofu traveler cristal is a solo traveler slowly making her way around the world

travel and tofu vegan girl traveling around the world

travel lush justine writes about adventures as a perpetual traveler and expat in beijing

travel with celery clean eating inspiration for travelers and tree huggers 

30 traveler kate is a vegan digital nomad slowly traveling the world

a traveling cook cate cooks creations from around the world

the traveling vegetarian yvonne hosts a vegetarian and vegan television show

the travelling light katie has a visual collection of special places to visit around the world

tread lightly travels a vegan travel and lifestyle resource for tips, recipes, where and what to eat 


unlimited miles kyle & carrie are minimalist adventurers who sold everything to travel

uprooting our lives colin & victoria write a backpacking, adventure and vegan food blog


the v nice life sarah writes a vegan, veggie and cruelty-free compassionate lifestyle blog

vanilla bean vegan restaurant finder app for the uk and ireland *

veg italy guide how to be vegan in italy 

veg guide worldwide guide to vegetarian and vegan restaurants, grocers and bakeries *

veg jaunts and journeys tours for vegans around the world *

veg travel guide vegan reviews, destination guides and walking tours *

veg visits rent places to stay or kitchens to use with local vegan and vegetarian hosts *

veg voyages vegan adventure tours *

vegabonding love and respect for humans, animals and the planet 

vegamundo exploring the world as a stingy backpacker with a love for yummy plant-based foods

the vegan adventure vegan travel guides, current events and more

vegan around the world vegan recipes and food ideas from all over the world

vegan backpacking vegan backpacking around the world with tips and food

vegan beauty travels nomadic vegan lifestyle blog about travel, fitness and beauty on the road

vegan bnb a vegan chef prepares breakfast and 3 course dinner in hamilton new zealand *

vegan chef diary vegan recipes, tips, restaurant and product reviews 

vegan coach karen is a vegan coach and plant-based nutritionist

vegan cruise planners vegan cruise vacations *

vegan cruiser vegan for the animals, cruiser for the fun

vegan crunk bianca writes a vegan food blog and shares product and restaurant reviews in memphis

a vegan down under vegan traveling adventures around the world 

vegan eats and treats vegan around the world adventures 

vegan field guide leah writes a field guide to living a plant-based, cruelty-free life

vegan food is everywhere map to find tasty vegan dishes worldwide *

vegan food tours locally guided vegan food tours in Barcelona, London and Amsterdam *

vegan food quest caryl & paul find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world

vegan girl cycling pedaling everywhere and telling tales

the vegan globetrotter grace & benjamin discover the world with delicious vegan food

vegan go for it vegan traveler and vegan food blogger

vegan good life magazine print collectable on vegan counterculture, fashion, travel, art, design *

vegan heaven sina is a vegan food blogger and travel addict 

vegan home share vegan accommodation around the world *

vegan hop molly & dan are vegans traveling around the world and blogging along the way

vegan in berlin vegan eats in berlin 

vegan in brighton jojo is a vegan travel blogger on an indefinite journey around the world

the vegan jetsetter sharing the best vegan-friendly restaurants around the world, products and recipes

vegan jobs find vegan and animal rights workers, jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities *

the vegan junction connecting vegans with plant-based resources 

vegan leanne vegan food, recipes, inspiration and lifestyle 

the vegan list online guide of places to eat, shop, drink and other vegan businesses *

vegan miam rika & doni have a passion for crafting plant-based recipes inspired by their travels

vegan mos equality and animals rights, one meal at a time

vegan nom noms vegan food and places, travel and expat life with a smattering of kitchen experiments

vegan nomad exploring the world while spreading the vegan message

vegan nomad guide vegan and eco-friendly travel guide 

vegan nomads jessica & martin travel the world on a plant based diet

a vegan obsession india is a gluten free vegan traveller and cook

vegan olive dining out and all things vegan food 

vegan on a jet plane traveling around the world eating vegan

vegan on the go cathy has a passion for cooking and sharing vegan food 

the vegan rainbow vegan foodie, blogger and wine lover 

vegan river cruises luxury cruising the vegan way *

the vegan roadie vegan travel culinary web series

vegan set selection of the best vegan hotels and restaurants worldwide *

vegan sweet and simple shannon is a vegan blogger and world traveler

vegan the world follow jen & joe's adventures as they vegan the world 

vegan travel supporting vegans worldwide through compassionate travel

vegan travel agent lex & kristin travel the world finding everything vegan 

vegan travel club vegan tours around the world *

the vegan twist vegan restaurants, recipes and reviews

vegan vacationista discovering the best plant-based options on the planet

vegan wall vegan news, community, recipes, and restaurants worldwide *

vegan wanderlust A-Z vegan food photos from every country in the world *

vegan welcome a selection of vegan friendly hotels *

vegan without frontiers about being vegan in other parts of the world

the vegan word delicious vegan restaurants and recipes from around the world

vegan world traveller delicious vegan food all over the world 

vegan world trekker maria's travels across the world with vegan-friendly travel resources

vegans travel make your life easier and more convenient to travel as a vegan

vegans with appetites showing that it’s possible, even easy, to travel the world cruelty-free

vegansaurus vegan lifestyle guide

vegetaraian sydney food and travel blog 

vegetarian tourist world-traveling foodie sharing stories about people, places and food adventures

the vegetarian traveller adventures and culinary escapades of a vegetarian globetrotter

vegetarians abroad vegetarian expat and travel blog

veggie blackboard easy, cheap and healthy vegan food

veggie hotels vegan and vegetarian hotels, bnbs and guest houses worldwide *

veggie next door veggie foodie that loves travel and living in chicago

the veggie traveler cooking, eating and traveling around the world enjoying vegetarian cuisine

veggie visa traveling the globe to bring great vegan resources, tips, and stories

veggin' out and about creating a better world through whole plant-based foods

vegman website and app to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants worldwide *

vegtastic voyage michele writes about vegan food and cruelty-free living 

velo vegans plant-powered mobile minimalists sharing ideas on compassionate consumerism

voyage vixen vegan canadian travellers exploring the world one country at a time


the wandering boomerang kylie writes about travel, yoga and vegan living

wanderlicious a plant based food and travel blog covering Madrid and beyond

wanderlust and lipstick beth is 100% traveler, 95% vegan, and chief wanderer at wandertours

wanderlust vegans vegan travel blog by husband and wife minimalist duo

the wayfarer keyta writes an international travel blog

whirl of wanderlust yvette is a vegan beauty and travel blogger / vlogger 

the whole ingredient laura shares simple plant-based recipes and vegan city guides

the wild life alys is a full time explorer and vegan food enthusiast

will travel for vegan food kristin is a vegan food and travel enthusiast

wonderstruck fawns travel blog for ethical travelers and beautiful minds

world of vegan delicious vegan recipes, inspirational videos, news, products and more

the world wanderer a free spirit adventuring across the globe 

world wide vegetarian resource for vegans and vegetarians at home and abroad 


(no x's! somebody start one and report back.)


the yuppie traveler lisa is a veggie traveler exploring the world one country at a time


zen on a plane long time travel addict sharing trips with the world

the zombie said vegan cruelty free beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger

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