Entertainment Guide for Low Budget Travelers

2020 Entertainment Guide for Low Budget Travelers

This article features five ways for the low budget traveler to stay sane when travel isn’t an option.

Plan ahead

As soon as it’s safe to do so, hotels, campsites, restaurants, and tourist attractions will all be hungry for your business


Make plans but book things last minute to avoid nasty shocks closer to your expected departure date.


You can also get out and explore your local area to satisfy their wanderlust.


You may find that accommodation options have dropped their prices. This can mean you get way more for your money. Your short staycation might not be in the most glamorous location ever but at least your accommodation may be classier than you’re used to!  

Explore the World from Your Couch

Fortunately, thanks to the proliferation of streaming platforms like Netflix, it’s never been easier to see the world from the comfort of your own home.There are loads of amazing travel movies and documentaries that will show you parts of our planet without you having to leave the couch. See far away sights like the eccentric destinations of Dark Tourist, the 18,000km cycling adventure of Felix Starck on Pedal the World, and the hair-raising mountain adventures of The Summit.


Obviously, bingeing travel content is no substitute for actually getting out and traveling. Your viewing might even inspire some future jaunts too!

Win a Bigger Budget

We’d all like a bigger travel budget – especially those of us already traveling on a shoestring! Before you scoff at the idea of trying to gamble up a travel bankroll, wait a moment. There’s actually a way that you can win real money from online casinos without risking any of your own.


If you’ve never played at an online casino before, sites like NoDeposit365 offer the best way to keep track of all new bonuses that are released daily. Check them out and get spinning those reels. You might just win enough to plan the trip of a lifetime! 

Get Inspired

One of the best ways to mentally escape has always been within the pages of a great book. Loads of novels are dedicated to travel and through them you can transport yourself away from wherever you’ve been forced to indoors from the coronavirus.


Thanks to websites like Manybooks and Project Gutenberg, as well as mobile-friendly eBook applications like Kindle, you can get new literature without ever leaving the house. The latter might not be free for the most part but there are loads of older books on there that won’t cost you a penny to enjoy.


Travel is one of the most enduring genres of literature so there really is no shortage of content to get stuck into. Check out the 1957 Jack Kerouac masterpiece, On the Road; the jungle adventure of Percy Fawcett that is The Lost City of Z; Rolf Potts’s Vagabonding, Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries, and just about anything by Bill Bryson to get you started.


Again, it’s nowhere near as fun as the real thing but losing yourself in a great read can inspire future plans. Who knows, you might find yourself retracing Kerouac’s steps for yourself or even zooming around South America on the heels of a certain Argentinian revolutionary!