Pics That Prove Koreans Live in the Future

Pics That Prove Koreans Live in the Future


Unless you’re a K-drama fan, you probably have no idea that South Koreans enjoy a far better standard of living than anywhere else in the world. With green living, clever design, smart technology, digital everything, and doors that open like Star Trek, daily life can be like living on a spaceship. This is a giant photo essay of cool Korean tech, gadgets, and design, and how they make life safer, easier and more convenient.




fastest internet In the world

South Korea internet speed

Korea is ranked #1 in the entire world for fastest mobile speeds by Speedtest, at 95.11 megabits per second, soon to be 5 to 10 gigabites per second. For comparison, the US averages just a fraction of that, at 18.7 megabits per second.



aRtificial intelligence robots

Korean AI airport robot

Get passenger assistance at the airport from artificial intelligence robots named Air Star who can help you navigate, give airline schedules, plus more helpful advice. 


AUgmented REALITY INformatioN

AR display

Find giant digital display screens featuring touchscreen augmented reality that show historical sites in the exact location as they would look today.



Cctv everywhere

Korean cctv

Cctv is everywhere - stores, restaurants, airports, bus stops, subway stations, train stations, streets, office buildings, apartment buildings, hallways, stairwells, elevators, anywhere and everywhere. Nobody’s getting away with anything. Goodbye, crime!


Lg everything

LG store Korea

Korea’s own powerhouse brand LG is seemingly ubiquitous. They make virtually every electronic product and have huge display stores where you can test them all out. 


Samsung everything

Samsung store

Samsung also makes virtually everything, especially smartphones, contributing to Korea’s distinction of being “the only nation on earth with 100% mobile phone ownership” according to DeviceAtlas. Samsung also has fun Samsung Experience stores where you can play with all the latest gadgets to your heart’s content. 



The everything browser - naver

korean naver internet

Naver is Korea’s Google. It’s an all-in-one website and browser that pretty much has everything, including news, blogs, webtoons, and it’s own translation apps.



Instant Messaging - Kakao tAlk

Kakao talk

Korea’s instant messenger, Kakao Talk, is just one of many Kakao services like maps, metro, bus, taxi, and it’s very own contactless mobile payment system, Kakao Pay.



Rechargeable smart cards

TMoney card

Tmoney is a rechargeable smart card can be used to pay all transportation fees and shop at stores. It can be used for buses, subway, taxis, and convenience stores countrywide, and also has an app to use instead of the card.



Electronic bus inFo systems

Electronic bus display board

Find electronic real-time bus informations systems to easily and accurately monitor bus arrivals. Also at bus stops - free wifi, phone chargers, and heated seats! And as if that’s not futuristic enough, Korea plans to have autonomous bus services by 2022.



Pc bang Gaming cafes

Korean pc bang

Pc cafes offering state of the art computers and sound systems, ergonomic chairs, and food and drink delivery ordered via the screen, are the perfect environment to use the fastest internet in the world to play live LAN multi-player games. photo Joop via CC-BY-2.0



karaoke rooms - norebang

Korean norebang karaoke room

Korea takes karaoke to a whole different level. You rent private soundproofed rooms, play with a state of the art video and sound system, and get food and drinks delivered to you while you sing your heart out. It’s pretty much the most fun you could ever have.

photo Julio Martinez via CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0



Giant Led display screens

Korean advertising display

Walking around most cities, you’ll see massively large display screens everywhere airing news or commercials. It’s a really fun distraction while waiting to cross the street. 


Unmanned hOtels

Unmanned hotel

Check yourself into a high tech unmanned hotel hotel by simply paying at a machine that will unlock your door for you. Check out by pressing one button and you’re done. 



Entertainment AdVisories

Korean Netflix content warning

The content warnings on Netflix are on another level. Just saying.


In restaurants

Automatic doors

Korean touchscreen doorknob

Enter any cafe, restaurant, or shop simply by tapping your hand on a touchscreen button and the glass door instantly slides open and closed like magic. It’s as cool as it sounds. 



Wireless BuzzErs

Cafe wireless buzzer

Korea’s coffee culture is beyond epic. With so much demand for the beans, cafes use wireless buzzing pager systems to alert you when yours is ready for pick up. 



Wireless call Buttons

Restaurant call button

While out for Korean cuisine, when ready to order, you press a small wireless button at the end of your table that silently calls the server.



Self ordering Systems

Restaurant self ordering systems

Simply and easily place your own food order on a self order system at restaurants.



Robot baristas

Robot baristas

Unmanned coffee pods are now a major thing. Some have robot baristas that use 5G for AI enhancement, and can communicate with you, while making your cup of joe in record time with perfect accuracy.  photo Daily Coffee News



vending cafes

Vending cafe

Unmanned cafes operate as vending machines where you can order, pay, and get your coffee all from a machine.



Restroom lightlocks

Korean lighted bathroom door lock

Public bathroom door locks instantly turn on an illuminating red light to signal the stall is in use to outsiders. 



App food delivery 24/7

Korean food delivery app

Food delivery is available anytime, anywhere. Order and pay via an app and a super fast scooter will be on its way to you in minutes.



Green lIving

Electric car charging stAtions

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are everywhere. Drive gas-free with ease.


Solar powered traffic signs

Solar powered traffic sign

Illuminated traffic signs all have their own solar power supply.



Wind powered Street lights

Wind powered street light

Street lamps come with their own wind turbine power supply. 


Solar poweRed cell chargers

Korean solar cell phone charger

Public benches come with free solar powered wireless cell phone chargers that also have USB ports to charge other devices.



Air quality Signs

air quality monitor

Helpful displays show the current air quality along with a cute, easy to read faces ranging from good to bad.



filtered water everywhere

Water dispenser

In stores, apartments, hotels, offices, gyms, airports, and (everywhere), there are free filtered water dispensers for hot and cold water. So, reusable water bottles rule.



RecyclinG & waste DiSposal

Korean recycling

There are stations everywhere for recycling and waste disposal, including glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic film, styrofoam, fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, broken glass, clothing donations, and compost collection. A zero waste lifestyle is a breeze.



Recycling explained

Recycling station

Look at the cool way recycling is explained with a flow chart. They make it easy and fun.


Diy Waste Disposal

Korean trash incinerator

Some charge for waste disposal to incentivize proper waste management.



Energy-saving windows

Double windows

Windows are installed in double sets of locking pairs to insulate and save energy. Not only a barrier against weather, temperature, and noise, the glass is also shaded to prevent solar radiation transference.



Motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lighting

In most busy spaces like front foyers, hallways, vestibules, and stairwells, lights are motion sensor activated and deactivated to save energy. You’ll have to trust that my physical body activated this one, and that I’m not actually a ghost entity.


Outdoor gyms

Outdoor gyms

Free state of the art gym equipment is located in natural parks so you can skip the gym membership and exercise outside.



In Cars

car Dash cams

Dash cam

Cars have front and rearview dash cameras installed so all road traffic is always recorded, and can be used in the event of a scam or accident. Goodbye, road rage.


Wireless toll payments

Korean hipass rearview mirror

Rearview mirrors hold a chip card inside them that allows wireless toll payments to be instantly read and charged without even slowing down the car.



Home safety

Video intercom - front door

Korea Video intercom

State of the art video intercoms allow restricted entry only into residential buildings. 


Video Intercom - apT door

Korean smart home

More serious video monitoring at the apartment door. Goodbye, robbery!


video intercom - inside apt

Korean video intercom

Inspect everything including the pores on your potential visitor’s face with this giant video display screen tucked safely inside your apartment. And if your visitor is Korean, good luck even trying to find pores.



Touchscreen Digital door lockS

Korean digital door lock

My absolute favorite gadget - digital door locks. These make daily life completely keyless and super safe, because nobody’s getting in unless you want them to.


In homes

Robot vacuums

Korean robot vacuum

What’s more advanced than a robot? Robot vacuums clean entire apartments and then automatically dock themselves to recharge. 


Air purifiers

Air purifier

Smart air purifiers silently clean the air inside the home.



High tech ELECTRONIC ToilEts

Korean Electronic toilet

Electronic toilets are a treat for your senses and your butt. No more cold seats.



touchscreen refrigerators

Korean smart refrigerator

Reach-in panels and digital touchscreen displays make Samsung fridges awesome.



Kitchen multimedia systems

Korean kitchen multimedia

Because any chef knows that you can never have too many gadgets in the kitchen.



Floor heating

Korean temperature control

Easy smart control panels to instantly adjust floor heating and keep your toesies warm.


room ac uniTs

Korean Ac

Air conditioning units are installed in the ceiling, per room, with smart wall controls. More efficient than central air, because you only use AC in the room you need it in.



Electronic Drying racks

Korean drying rack

Save energy, money, and your clothes, with an easy drying rack with a circulatory fan.



EnErgy saving outlets

Korean outlet

Smart power saving outlets offer standby mode to save energy and money.



Covered oUtlets

Korean outlet cover

Clever designed covered outlet panels prevent prying kid fingers and hide the eyesore.



Touchscreen lightswitchs

Korean light switch

Who has time to be pressing buttons or flicking switches when this cool touchscreen will turn your lights on and off instantly instead.



emergency safety

Touchscreen Utility shutoffs

Korean utility shutoff

Instantly disconnect the power and gas to your entire apartment with one tap.



Gas detectors

Gas detector

This smart device monitors the apartment for kitchen gas leaks and alerts if danger.



Emergency Intercoms

Emergency intercom

Instantly call for help with a touchscreen hardwired emergency assistance panel.



Fire hydrants & extinguishers

Fire safety hose hydrant

In residential buildings and hotels, fire safety is taken extremely seriously. Find multiple alarm panels, emergency flashlights, water hoses and fire extinguishers on every floor.



Anti-Fire shutters

Fire shutter

And even more seriously. Anti-fire shutters will close off stairwells in the event of fire.



Descending life lines

Korean fire safety

Yet even more seriously. Find emergency descending life lines to rescue you out of a burning building. If I’m ever in danger of fire, I sure hope it’s in Korea.


Safe zone Boxes

Safe zone

In case of danger, find a safe zone box, push one button, and you’re instantly enclosed inside, and monitored on camera, while the police are on their way to rescue you.


Let’s just face it. They’ve thought of everything, they’re better people, and they live better lives. We should all pay attention and do better.



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