Vegan Food in Turkey: Cuisine of the Aegean Seaside

Vegan Food in Turkey: Cuisine of the Aegean Seaside

Turkey is a great country to find an assortment of delicious, nutritious plant-based cuisine.


recently spent a few months all along the west coast of Turkey, on the Aegean Sea, where you can find both Turkish and Greek inspired dishes, often infused with local flair. 


The food itself is fresh, colorful, local, organic, and sourced from local gardens and the ever-abundant farmers' markets sprinkled all over the cities.


Turkish cuisine is often served mezze style, which is awesome because instead of choosing and eating only one main dish, you get to sample from a variety of different foods, flavors and textures. Often served along with drinks so you can eat and drink and be merry!


Here's a sampling of my favorite dishes I ate along the coast. 

cig kofte

Çiğ köfte, my favorite, is actually a super popular Turkish street food. It's essentially a hunk of mock meat made of a combination of savory bulgur, tomato paste and spices. 


It's hand-rolled into little balls and served with fresh lettuce leaves, and unique sauces, so you can roll them up into little yummy lettuce wraps. I loved it with a spicy salty splash and a curry pomegranate fruit dip. So, so good.

cig kofte turkish vegan meat


The popular Turkish bread simit is a circular bagel ring with sesame seeds on top. The braided folds pull off into pieces for dipping.

simit turkish sesame bagel

fava bean puree

Spiced fava bean puree. Savory, creamy deliciousness with olive oil. Eat with a spoon or use the ever-present basket of breads.

fava bean puree mezze

avocado salad

Avocado salad: slices of fresh avocado swimming in a plate of olive oil, with pickles and rosemary. Eat your heart out, Omega 3s.

avocado salad mezze

sea bean salad

Sea beans, aka salicornia, are served lightly steamed, and presented in a light olive oil. Nutrition straight from the sea! 

Sea bean mezze

chickpeas and spinach

Classic cooked chickpeas and steamed spinach with carrots. Served piping hot and with the requisite olive oil, of course. 

chickpeas and spinach

lentils and rice

Lentils. Perfectly cooked and masterfully spiced lentils accompanied by a light fluffy rice blend. Get a giant serving for super cheap.

lentils and rice

artichokes with veggies

Mixed cooked vegetables served on halved artichokes with fresh lemon juice to squirt on top. Colorful, creamy, yummy goodness.

vegetables on artichokes

white bean salad

Cold bean salad of cooked white beans served with freshly chopped onions, scallions and olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

white bean salad

local greens salad

Fresh green salad of organic local greens with green onions, topped with olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar.

green salad

turkish tea

Meals are accompanied by drinks like the ever popular Raki, coffee or the classic bold and bright Turkish Tea, served in adorable little glasses and dishes. 

Turkish Tea

turkish coffee

Turkish coffee. Super small, super hot, and super strong. Always served with water which you are instructed to alternate sips from.

Turkish Coffee