How to Connect Globally with an eSIM

How to Connect Globally with an eSIM

As a full-time traveler, having data to stay connected can be essential part of travel planning to prevent disasters on the road.


You need travel apps, maps, flight info, hotel info, transportation apps, and more.


Now there’s no more need to worry about buying local SIM cards or tourist scams at airports because you can just use this easy app instead.


Airalo has eSIM plans in over 200 destinations around the world, so you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want!

Choose Local esims

Search local eSIMs if you’re looking for coverage in one specific country.

Local eSIMs

Browse plans in select COUNTRIES

Check out all the available plans and pick whatever data size, time length, or price that you want.

Local eSIM plans

Choose regional esims

If you’re visiting several countries or want access to a larger region of coverage, then check out regional eSIMs for a more travel flexibility.

Regional eSIMs

Browse plans in select regions

Choose a plan will cover all your anticipated travel plans in that region.

Regional eSIM plans

Choose global esims

If your travel plans are loose, or you simply want more coverage, then check out the global eSIMs for easy worldwide coverage all in one plan.

Global eSIMs

Browse global plans

Global plans are available in data only or data, call, and text plans if you want everything included.

Global eSIM plans

View your current esim usage

Easily check your current and archived eSIMs to view your usage, see more details about your plan and coverage, or top up data if needed.

My eSIMs

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