How to Live Bill Free

How to Live Bill Free
I live a bill free lifestyle. No bills, debt, recurring fees, or monthly charges. I choose where I want to spend my money instead of owing it. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. So here are my top tips on how to be totally bill free.

Try to Avoid contracts

Avoid contracts

The number one way to live without bills is to not acquire bills in the first place. Avoid contracts, commitments, leases, subscriptions, and any other services that require regular payments, or your credit card, because these are vampires. This easily gives you total control over your money because nobody’s ever asking or taking it from you.

Use a rechargeable sim

Rechargeable sim

Avoid that darn monthly cellular bill and all the extra charges it racks up by using a pay as you go, refillable data SIM card instead. This easy substitute gives you complete control over your cellular data usage and exactly how much you spend, plus eliminates the recurring monthly bill that a cell phone contract requires.

Refer friends

Refer friends

Friend referral programs can provide great value by reducing or eliminating the cost for using a service. Referral programs reward you in credit or cash, and decrease your potential cost. Collect rides, food, rentals, data, and cash just by sharing your referral code with people who want to use it. Its a win-win for both.


For more examples, check out Free Travel Discounts for discounts on housesitting memberships, Airbnb rentals, SIM cards, and more. Go to How to Start a Travel Blog to create a website. Head to Resources for tons more discounts.



Embracing a minimalist lifestyle helps you spend less while getting more in return. The 40 Things I Own don’t require any subscriptions or upkeep that cost money. For example, since I don't own a car, I don’t have to pay for a car payment, insurance, registration, parking, gas, oil, or maintenance. I walk instead and that’s free.


A minimalist lifestyle helps me avoid beauty rituals like salons that cost time and money. Aiming for zero waste reduces the need for products, including purchasing, replacing, or refilling disposables. Instead I keep my money, time, and freedom.



I avoid all costs of living by housesitting. By housesitting, I get to live for free. This includes free rent, utilities, phone, internet, cable, car, gym, pool, sauna, hot tub, yard, garden, and everything else a luxury home has. I get all this for free in exchange for my care of the house and the sweet pets that call it home. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, or on vacation, housesitting totally eliminates the cost of accommodation!