Don’t Count Countries

Don’t Count Countries

As a full-time traveler, one of the frequently asked questions I get asked is “How many countries have you been to?”


People often assume that I’m on a mission to tick every country in the world off some imaginary bucket list.


Well, I’m not - and here’s why.

Slow > fast

Slow travel is always better than fast travel. 


Traveling slow not only allows you to spend more time visiting a country, it also gives you a better overall travel experience. 


Instead of a few days of rushing to and from airports, taxis and hotels, inhaling fake food and glimpsing overhyped tourist attractions - traveling slow lets you spend more time living in one place, and gives you a truly authentic experience immersed in the local culture.


By traveling slow, you can take your time, go at your own leisurely pace, and ultimately, get to see, do, and eat so much more. 


Being a traveler instead of a tourist earns you the right to confidently tell your travel tales, because you truly experienced the real country itself, living like a local.


Be a book, not a postcard.

Don’t be a country counter

Quality > quantity

Not all countries in the world are ideal tourist destinations. 


Some restrict or prohibit entry.


Some make it difficult or impossible get an approved visa prior to travel.


Some have grueling entrance interviews or arduous exit interviews.


Others impose strict rules or visa restrictions, such as requiring a tour guide to accompany you, requiring you to register with local police, or worse - prohibiting emergency medical care. 


Many countries in the world are unsafe, at war, grappling with political tensions or terrorism, and where a range of opportunistic to organized crimes from robbery to kidnapping are as just common as simple tourist scams.


The hassle and risk of trying to stay safe and visit dangerous places like these aren’t even worth the stamp in your passport, or the pin in your map.


Go where you want, live where you love.