How to Live Slow

How to Live Slow

Slow living

Slow living is a lifestyle movement that means being more mindful, choosing to be less busy, and aiming to be less stressed.


The slow living mindset can be applied to any aspect of your life.


By slowing down, you allow yourself to choose to be happy and lead a more peaceful lifestyle.

Slow food

The slow food movement strives to preserve local culture and counteract the overprocessed, unethical, fast food culture.


Slow food focuses on traditional local food, responsibly and ecologically sourced, often with a more purposeful preparation and plating, leading to an overall more meaningful experience.


It's about eating mindfully and appreciating the flavors and the food.

Slow food

Slow travel

Slow travel means slowing down, taking your time, and appreciating the environment.


Instead of a rushed trip frantically running around crowded tourist areas, slow is a more authentic travel experience, spending weeks or months in one place.


House sitting, a great way to travel slow, lets you stay longer, immersed in local culture, living and eating like a local.


Don’t be a country counter, travel mindfully instead.

Slow travel

Slow fashion

Slow fashion is clothing that’s responsibly sourced, made, and sold.


Slow fashion means skipping the cheap fast fashion that was shipped around the planet, with toxic chemicals and poor production, and purchasing quality local items instead.


I rarely have to add anything to the 40 things I own because I own items that last.

Slow fashion

Slow home

A slow home means a mindful home environment.


A slow home can be zero waste, avoiding plastics and disposables.


A slow home can often be vegan, with local cruelty free products and plant-based foods.


A slow home can be responsibly made, minimalist in size and design to reduce clutter and cultivate a simpler space, like a tiny house.


Like the Danish art of hygge, a slow home means creating and designing a space where you can consciously slowing down, relax, and enjoy the simple things.


Be less busy and more content!