5 Benefits of House Sitting

5 Benefits of House Sitting

House Sitting is a fast growing travel trend and here's why. 


It's a mutually beneficial system that matches travelers who need a place to stay with vacant homes and pets that need loving care. 


I am a huge fan of house sitting because it allows me to travel full-time by exchanging my care for new animal friends and a place to stay.


Here are more of some of the great benefits house sitting provides to pets, people, and the world.

1. peace of mind for the Homeowner

If you are a homeowner, having a house sitter to occupy your house on a daily basis is the best step you can take for security, as well as the peace of mind knowing your house and property are cared for.


And, it's free! 


If you are a homeowner and a pet parent, having a pet sitter take care of your pets while you're away ensures pets are kept happier, healthier and safer in their home environment with their normal diet and routine uninterrupted.

why house sitting is great

2. free accommodation for the Sitter

There are so many positive reasons to house sit, and the most obvious is usually the free accommodation. 


This can significantly cut down on your travel costs and literally save thousands of dollars.


It's a great tool to help not blow your travel budget.


Maybe you don't want to fork over tons of money for a hotel, or you just don't feel like staying in a crowded dorm room with a bunch of loud drunk partiers.


House sits can be as little as a few days to a year or more.


As long as you are a responsible person and are able to manage a home and take care of maintenance and emergencies that arise, you basically get a free home to live in.


There are homes available all over the world in most every major city and country.


Is there somewhere you're always wanted to go?


Want to live like a local and really experience the culture authentically?


Spend a few months on an island.


Stay at a castle in Europe.


Live off-grid in the jungle. 


If you love animals, you benefit by getting to meet new animal friends, take care of them, and enjoy their companionship.


Interacting with and loving animals in their homes, where they feel most comfortable, is such an awesome responsibility and pleasure.


Dogs love to go on walks so you can get exercise and a friend to explore local areas with, maybe to parks or beaches.


You can hang out with chickens, kiss kittens, or smell puppy breath!

benefits of house sitting

3. 24/7 loving care for the Pets

Pets don't want their owners leaving just as much as their owners don't want to leave them.


They don't think it's a great opportunity to finally got some peace and finish working on their novel.


Instead they may feel abandonment and separation anxiety.


Pets can be creatures of habit and do best when their routine is uninterrupted.


Nobody wants to impose pet care on unwilling or inexperienced friends, neighbors, or family.


Even with the best of intentions, this can be quite a stressful experience to all involved, especially when things don't go according to plan.


Boarding often brings stress, diseases, parasites.


I have personally worked at many veterinary hospitals and boarding facilities and have seen how traumatic this experience is to the animals.


Pets don't understand that they're in a safe environment, instead they feel abandoned by their loved ones and left in a jail cell with scary sounds and smells. 


With over 15 years of experience pet sitting and over 10 as a vet tech, I can confidently say that the safest environment for pets is their own homes.


And having a knowledgable pet sitter around may help save a life in a pet emergency.

4. safety and security for the Home

Having someone occupy the home everyday, coming and going, turning lights on and off, using the tv/radio, and a bicycle or car; all this maintains a constant lived-in status in your home.


This continual presence can prevent crime, robbery, and pet theft or abuse.

why house sitting is great for pets and people

Someone is also around to handle day to day operations, mail, cleaning, and maintenance or emergency issues that may arise.


Alarms go off, power goes out, water leaks.


Better to have someone at home to handle these things rather than come home to a total disaster. 


The peace of mind that comes from the safety and security of having a house sitter can be worth its weight in gold.

5. a Community for travel and pet lovers

The positive experience you have with house sitting can travel online or by word of mouth and turn into someone else's positive experience.


We all want to keep our experiences professional, responsible and kind.


This way we can all continue to benefit, and pets can get the love they deserve! 


House sitting is a great opportunity for anyone to explore the world.


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