5 Fun Vegan Restaurants in New York

5 fun vegan restaurants in new york

New York City is one of the best cities in the world for just about any type of food. The broad spectrum of cultural influences have led to all different kinds of restaurants popping up over the years, and you can typically find a very authentic meal from any region in the world.


It should come as no surprise, then, that it also happens to be a great destination for vegan foodies! In New York the options are virtually endless.

carnegie deli new york
the infamous carnegie deli that closed its doors in 2016.

That only adds to the tourist allure of one of the most popular cities on the planet. So if you happen to be planning a visit, or you’re just curious about vegan options abroad, here are some of New York’s best and most interesting vegan establishments.

Beyond Sushi

Sushi is a style of food, in a way, and it’s one that people have fun ordering and eating. Beyond Sushi basically replicates the experiences with vegan ingredients, and has become a successful, small chain as a result.


The chain announced more locations earlier this year, resulting in one article saying that vegan sushi is taking over Manhattan.

vegan sushi

The newer locations will be significantly larger than some of the earlier establishments, and will serve drinks as well. If you’re curious about the menu, everything from sun-dried tomato to curried cauliflower can take the place of fish in this restaurant’s sushi rolls.

Avant Garden

This is a small vegan restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan, just around the corner from Tompkins Square Park. It’s a stylish space, with an exposed brick interior and comfortable seating, and the menu is similarly unique and comforting.


Of all things, Avant Garden specializes in toast, topped with different inventive spreads like fennel hummus and mushroom marmalade.

The Original Buddha Bodai

It seems like dim sum is one of the trendiest food preparations around these days. In big cities and small towns alike, dim sum establishments are popping up constantly, and lately there’s been a dim sum arcade game online. That’s not something that happens with any old food, though using dumplings as icons on a slot reel is pretty amusing because playing with your food is always fun.

vegan dumplings

Dim sum is a very popular style of cuisine, and one that’s gone vegan at a few different establishments in New York City. The best of the bunch is The Original Buddha Bodai, downtown near the Tribeca neighborhood. Like many great dim sum places, it’s a casual place with a delicious menu, in this case featuring a lot of mock meats.

vegan dim sum
dim sum


Blossom has a fairly strong argument as the best vegan restaurant in the city. There are now multiple locations, but the original (which is still open and thriving) is an intimate establishment in the Chelsea neighborhood.


The menu covers all the meals of the day, and is highlighted by options like Buffalo risotto croquettes, Seitan scallopini, and truffle mashed potatoes. It’s an elegant little place with a stellar reputation.


Another East Village establishment, Narcissa may be the most satisfying venue on this list, purely in terms of ambiance.


There’s outdoor seating by lamplight, and a sleek interior to match. A review in the New York Times credited the vegetable dishes at this establishment with a swaggering originality that meat and seafood rarely match.


In other words, by striving to make creative dishes with vegetable ingredients, the chefs at Narcissa have ultimately put together a more inventive menu than you’ll find at a lot of non-vegan establishments. Things like beets and carrots are prepared in a way that allows them to easily take the place of meat in a variety of very tasty dishes.