Best Zero Waste Gifts For Travelers

Best Zero Waste Gifts for Travelers

What's a great zero waste gift? Looking for ideas for those eco-friendly travel lovers you know and love? Need to stock up on some zero waste products? Well, look no further.


Here's a gigantic collection of everything I recommend as a zero waste traveler. These items are reusable, sustainable and help ditch plastic, avoid waste, and aim to live simply!

bamboo sunglasses

Eco-Friendly, lightweight, polarized sunglasses that are waterproof and float.

bamboo travel utensils

Lightweight yet strong bamboo utensils for easy eating anywhere. With carrying pouch.



One lightweight spork is an easy multi-purpose tool essential for any traveler.


steel straw

Avoid plastic straws with a durable steel straw.  Various lengths and sizes to fit tumblers, even wide for bubble tea fans.


steel water bottle

Stainless steel insulated bottle with bamboo lid keeps cold liquids cold, and hot liquids hot, and also plants trees.

water purifier

For the off the trail hiker or the off the beaten bath traveler, this gets water clean fast with just the push of a button.

travel mug

Insulated stainless steel travel mug works with hot and cold drinks, and comes with a transparent lid and straw.


food storage cube

Easy carry around snacks or save leftovers from restaurants with this simple stainless steel cube. Many shapes and sizes.

food container set

A triple set for the foodie on the go.

reusable tote bag

Multipurpose, super lightweight tote bag that folds up into tiny pouch for easy carrying. 


mesh bag

A lightweight and super expandable mesh tote bag can be a shopping bag, beach tote, gear tote, airplane carry-on, and more.


produce bags

Multipurpose mesh drawstring bags for produce shopping, and also storing clothes, laundry, toiletries, cords, or anything else.


travel tubes

Tranport any liquids you want for easy packing and airline traveling. 


packing cubes

These expandable packing cubes easily store, organize and compress clothes to save space.


bamboo toothbrush

Eco-friendly, biodegradable, bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles. 

solid toothpaste

Eco-Friendly, vegan, easy to pack and travel tooth tablets.

solid castile soap

Castile soaps like Dr Bronner's have many cleansing uses such as laundry detergent so travelers can wash on the go.


solid shampoo

Solid shampoo bars are easy to pack, travel with, use, and last longer than liquids.

solid lotion

Solid lotion bars are easy to travel with, and only melt when warmed by touching.

travel deodorant

Travel-friendly deodorant with essential oils for staying fresh anytime while traveling.

travel tins

Lightweight tins store solid bars and come in oval, round and square shapes to fit each.


For the woman traveler, a lunette cup eliminates all the disposables forever.

safety razor

Unisex stainless steel single blade safety razor uses blades instead of disposables. 


travel towel

Multi-Purpose travel towel can be a beach towel, bath towel, yoga mat, or blanket.


One small, lightweight fabric with 20+ uses from headgear to scarf to pillowcase.



A scarf is an extremely versatile item that  has more than 20 uses. It's an essential wardrobe addition for any traveler. 


sim card

Stay connected  with a global sim for data and/or a global sim for calls and data.



Gift an iTunes giftcard so Apple lovers can purchase books, movies, music and more.



Netflix is sure to make any cinephile happy. 



A gift subscription to Kindle Unlimited gives reading entertainment to travelers. 


gifts for zero waste travelers


Gift an audible subscription for those that like to listen to their books on the go.



The one gift that's 100% guaranteed to please any travel lover - a plane ticket!