30 Travel Movies and TV Shows to Inspire Wanderlust

30 Travel Movies and TV Shows to Inspire Wanderlust

What are the best travel movies? What about the best travel shows? What sparks your wanderlust?


From a huge movie buff, here's my personal entertainment collection of favorite films and series that showcase the beauty of specific locations around the world and really make you want to go visit and experience the destinations in person. Because they have all worked on me. Enjoy!

away we go

"No one's in love like us, right?"


what's rad: dreamy idealism, wanderlust, quirky bits, love and a chill soundtrack.


travel to: Montreal, Phoenix, Tucson, Miami, Madison

the beach

"Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience."


what's rad: scenery, adventure, backpackers' paradise, living the dream.


travel to: Thailand

captain ron

"El Caribe. The Spanish Main. It's the land of voodoo, hoodoo and all kinda weird shit."


what's rad: sailing, adventure, vacation, family fun, jokes.


travel to: the Caribbean

the da vinci code

"What really matters is what you believe."


what's rad: adventure, mystery, suspense, secrets, history, art, and the illuminati.


travel to: Paris, France; London, England

downton abbey

"We must always travel in hope."


what's rad: classic British heritage, Highclere Castle, English countryside.


travel to: England

eat pray love

"I wanna go someplace where l can marvel at something."


what's rad: solo female travel, wanderlust, food, beautiful scenery, true life love story.


travel to: Italy, India, Indonesia

expedition unknown

"Hi. I’m Josh. I have an acute case of wanderlust."


what's rad: adventure, history, awesomeness. Also: Destination Truth.


travel to: the ends of the earth

fear and loathing in las vegas

"Buy the ticket. Take the ride." 


what's rad: crazy, wild, drug-fueled road trip, Hunter S. Thompson to the max.


travel to: Las Vegas, Nevada

game of thrones

"Death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities."


what's rad: fantastical journeys through beautiful scenery. oh and dragons.


travel to: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Morocco

a good year

"I would like a lifetime spent with an irrational and suspicious goddess, some short-tempered jealousy on the side, and a bottle of wine that tastes like you, and a glass that's never empty."


what's rad: good music, a winery, and a love story.


travel to: Provence, France

hector and the search for happiness

"Happiness is feeling completely alive." 


what's rad: take risks, travel the world, find happiness.


travel to: China, Tibet, South Africa

an idiot abroad

"The fact that this one is called the 'Great' Wall of China annoys me. I'll decide if it's great or not. It might end up being the 'All Right Wall of China' to me.” 


what's rad: amazing sights, world wonders, incredible adventures. and Karl and Ricky.


travel to: anywhere

the layover

“I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable." 


what's rad: food, travel, badassery, and of course Anthony. Also: No Reservations & Parts Unknown.


travel to: everywhere

lord of the rings

"It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to."


what's rad: adventure, risk, fun, fantasy, Frodo.


travel to: New Zealand

midnight in paris

"That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me."


what's rad: art, history, great artists, meandering in Paris.


travel to: Paris, France

northern exposure

"Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore. Because our mortal journey is over all too soon."


what's rad: amazing scenery, adventure, comedy, moose.


travel to: Alaska

the no. 1 ladies' detective agency

"I am just a tiny person in Africa, but there is a place for me, and for everybody, to sit down on this earth and touch it and call it their own.” 


what's rad: beautiful Africa and some great tunes.


travel to: Botswana

on the road

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”  


what's rad: vintage americana road trip with plenty of existential Jack Kerouac.


travel to: New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco


"It's a good country for myths. Things seem to take root here.”  


what's rad: travel, adventure, fantasy, incredible views.


travel to: Scotland 


"The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland."


what's rad: the quirky, weirdness of the city and its inhabitants, SNL-style.


travel to: Portland, Oregon

p.s. i love you

"Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll land among the stars.”  


what's rad: a love story, beautiful Irish scenery and great music. 


travel to: Ireland

the secret life of walter mitty

"To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life."


what's rad: wanderlust, going out of your comfort zone, epic soundtrack.


travel to: Iceland, Greenland, Nepal


"I'm gonna show you a good time. We're gonna drink a lot of good wine. We're gonna play some golf. We're gonna eat some great food and enjoy the scenery and we are going to send you off in style."


what's rad: quirky road trip, wine, food, enjoying life.


travel to: California

sleepless in seattle

"Destiny is something we've invented because we can't stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental."


what's rad: classic movie, and the lovely Pacific Northwest.


travel to: Seattle, Washington, New York City, NY


"The two important things that I did learn were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision.” 


what's rad: overcoming odds, solo female travel, adventure.


travel to: Australia

the trip

"Gentlemen to bed! For we rise at daybreak!"


what's rad: fun, adventure, unrivaled comedy, and food. Also: The Trip to Italy and The Trip to Spain


travel to: England, Italy, Spain

the twilight saga

"La tua cantante. Her blood appeals to you so much... It makes me thirsty."


what's rad: awesome scenery, a tragic love story, good music. and vampires and werewolves.


travel to: Forks, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Canada; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; St Thomas, US Virgin Islands; Montepulciano, Italy; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

under the tuscan sun

"Life offers you a thousand chances... all you have to do is take one.” 


what's rad: the ultimate sensory experience, adventure, Italy, and love.


travel to: Tuscany, Italy


"It had to do with how it felt to be in the wild... The experience was powerful and fundamental..” 


what's rad: solo travel, adventure, spirit, bravery.


travel to: California, Oregon, Washington

wild hogs

"Come on, man, it's the open road. Riding free, that's the rush! This isn't freedom, this is a gas station built by the man, a prison for our souls!"


what's rad: fun, funny, epic road trip across the US.


travel to: New Mexico