Get a Sneak Peek Inside London’s Hot Spots

Get a Sneak Peek Inside London's Hot Spots

London’s endless plethora of restaurants, cafes and pubs could easily leave one with proper confusion when it’s time to choose where to go. Now there’s an app that gives you real video insight to see exactly what a place is like before you go!


Don't waste any more time going to places that seem cool, but turns out, just aren't your jam... With hollabox, you get a sneak peak inside London’s hottest places, all from the comfort of your phone. 

check out restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes

Simply find where you want to go, then you can watch a series of video streams that show exactly what it’s like inside.

Find out if you like the vibe. See where the bar is. Watch the chefs prepare some food. Catch the bartender making drinks. Choose where you’d like to sit.


Take all the logistic guesswork out of visiting a new place and instead just enjoy it!

find coffee, music, sports and desserts

This is absolutely perfect for introverts like me and extroverts alike. Introverts can take a look around, check crowds, check the ambience, get their bearings, and see if they’d feel comfortable in the space.


Extroverts can check out the social vibe, see how many and what type of people frequent the place, and see if they’d be happy socializing there. Win-win.

pick a spot to watch the videos, check out the food, the ambience, and learn more

Integrated with maps and Uber, when you find a spot you like, you can get fast easy directions or a grab a ride to get there. Easy breezy.

share with friends, get directions, schedule an uber, or search the map for more spots

The app shows you top recommendations, as well as secret deals and tips directly from the owners so you really get the inside scoop. Sound awesome? Download hollabox on iTunes

see it in action!

This article was brought to you by hollabox. All opinions are my own.