20 Tips and Tools I Use to Travel Full-Time

20 Tips and Tools I Use to Travel Full-Time

As a full-time world traveler, it helps to have the right tools in your belt. Or, know where to find them. Here are my favorite travel tips and tools.

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1. travel light

Long term travelers are often big fans of minimalism because owning and traveling around with less stuff instantly makes your life easier. Minimize your stuffTravel carry-on only. Don't waste time or money checking bags. Carry one multipurpose bag (like these cool ones from cabin zero or litegear) that's easy to wear on your back and easy to slide under any seat. You're free to wander, explore and walk as much as you want without having to worry about, drop off, lock up, or check bags. 

2. go green

Try to be the greenest and most eco-friendly human you can be because there is no Earth 2. Avoid disposables. Recycle. Compost. Aim for zero waste. Make your own natural products. As Aliyyah Eniath so eloquently said, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time."

3. be smart

Book smarts, street smarts and good old common sense will help lower your chances of stupid mistakes and disasters on the road. Read up on your destination. Read travel tips like how to stay safe as a solo traveler. Be aware of common scams, like the Mexican shakedown, or specific cultural customs, like in Sweden. Be smart in choosing which attractions to visit by avoiding tourist attractions that hurt animals and look for reputable rescues or sanctuaries to support instead. 

4. get apps

Get the right apps to translate languages and find food anywhere in the world. There are tons of great apps for food and even more apps that are totally free.

5. eat lunch

Going out for dinner at restaurants can be pricey, so instead, go for lunch. Lunch is almost always cheaper and often has more limited daily specials available. Many restaurants plain old run out of the good stuff by dinnertime. Local marketplaces like weekly village markets and farmers markets are often only open a few hours in the afternoon. And you can also find street vendors around lunchtime trying to catch people on their lunch breaks from work. Street food rules!

6. walk more

Skip all the expensive and annoying transportation (when you can) and walk more. It's easy, free, and doesn't require worrying about tickets or apps. Walking also lets you slow down and explore at your own pace. You notice the details, wander with wonder, and discover interesting things and places along the way. 

7. keep entertainment

Always have something for your brain to do during waits, queues and delays. Lonely planet has digital chapters. Amazon has e-books and audiobooks.

20 tips and tools i use to travel full-time

8. stash cash

Get cash in the local currency and stash it in a few different places in your stuff. This way, if your card doesn't work, if the restaurant or shop doesn't take it, if it gets lost or stolen, or if you get robbed!, cash can save your butt. And spend it before you leave the country or coins will magically turn into souvenirs.

9. stay connected

You need data to stay connected, but don't bother buying sim cards in every country. Get an international sim card (like forbesfone and iroam) that you can use everywhere around the world and just recharge as needed.

10. buy one-way tickets

Buy one way tickets for air travel because they're often cheaper than roundtrip, with better flight plans, and give you more flexibility in your travel.

11. rent onward travel

Rent onward airfare from Fly Onward so that you have proof of onward travel for immigration. Pay only $9.99 for a valid ticket that disappears after 24 hours.

12. know your visa

Don't ever overstay your visa in any country. You risk fines, penalties, future entry bans, and jail! If you're traveling in Europe, you need to be aware of your Schengen visa. It's a stupid complicated, retroactive 90/180 algorithm, but you don't have to have an aneurism constantly calculating it because you can keep track with an app or an online calculator.


Also, Schengen visa time directly counts against your entry into the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. No, they are not Schengen, but if you're close to or over your Schengen visa limit, you can be denied entry to the UK and Ireland because they're afraid you won't be allowed back in Schengen countries and therefore won't leave theirs. I've said it before and I'll say it again, UK immigration is no joke, folks. They really, really, really don't want tourists. Be prepared.

13. leave a trail

Americans should enroll in STEP because it keeps track of your travel plans and emergency contacts just in case anything should happen while you're abroad.

14. get your mail

Don't miss important stuff. Get documents scanned and mail forwarded to you, and also get packages forwarded, including online shopping purchases, all sent to wherever you are anywhere in the world. 

20 tips and tools i use to travel fulltime

15. easily plan travel

I absolutely love using rome2rio to plan travel. It searches every available form of transportation and even gives you approximate prices for every route. 

16. easily book flights

To easily find the best flights, use momondo. It's beautiful, user-friendly and lets you search via lots of filters to find exactly what you're looking for.

17. get free accommodation

Live like a local and care for someone's home and pets while they go on vacation. Get started housesitting by getting 20% off Trusted Housesitters.

18. get cheap accommodation

Rent a private local home to live in with Airbnb. It's often cheaper than a hotel and gives you a more authentic travel experience. 

19. find flexible hotel deals

Need a hotel in a pinch? Booking.com guarantees the best prices on hotels and even gives you the option to reserve rooms and change or cancel as needed. 

20. always have insurance

Always have travel insurance. You never know when you might need to use it and immigration officers often ask for proof of it as well. Always be ready.

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